Figure-Eight Pool

Here’s two photos of the Figure-Eight Pool in the Royal National Park.

The shape is interesting from a geological standpoint and I think that they make for a nice tourist attraction, but otherwise I don’t care about them.

There have been people who have been injured at this rock pool because they haven’t been paying attention, instead focusing on getting photos of themselves in and around the pool, which is unfortunate.

Whilst I’m aware that this is a cynical statement, I think that the reason as to why most people get photos of themselves at something like this is that they care about showing that they were somewhere rather than showing the location. I don’t think many people actually care about how interesting this looks because their interest lies within whether they can get a shot of themselves in it or not.

There’s a lot you can learn about these, as well as how the environment changes over time but who cares when you can get a cool photo of yourself at yet another location?

But I digress.

It’s an interesting shape and they look pretty deep.

I like how the colours came through in these two photos. I think that there’s a crispness to them.

I like how the moss and rock around the pools add more detail to the photos without becoming distracting.

I hope you enjoy.




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