One Thousand Word Challenge 18: The Thing I Need to do

It’s a somewhat-miserable day outside. Somewhat. The upside of today is that I don’t have to water my plants. The downside is that I will have to trudge through the crappy weather sooner or later, although it will mostly be later as when I finish work I will need to head home so I can do the thing that I’m required to do when I get home.

I’m not sure as to what the thing that I need to do is and I’m not sure as to whether I will ever find out what it is that needs to be done by my hands, but I’m sure that one day I will find out that the thing I need to do is the thing that I need to do and it needs to be done as soon as I can do it, due to the necessity of needing to do whatever it is that I need to do, and how!

If I were to somehow find out what it is that I need to do, then I would know what I need to do and what I need to do would suddenly become something that I could do much faster, knowing what it is that I needed to do which would lead to knowing the correct way of doing whatever it just so happened to be, unless there was a faster and more correct way of doing it in which I would probably find out what that was in hindsight, but as the thing that I needed to do would be done, then it wouldn’t matter so much unless there was another time that came along where what I needed to do would need to be done again, therefore leading to my utilising said faster method and saving more time, having the necessary thing done so I could do other things that were not as necessary to being done, such as some sort of action and motion.

However, as that is still unlikely ever going to be the case, the pace at which I work will be as fast as I possibly can complete what it is that I need to do without knowing what it is that I need to do, so in other words I have absolutely know idea as to how long it would take for me to complete what it is that I need to do as I have no idea as to what it is that I need to do.

It’s fair to say that there’s probably nothing that I need to do when I get home.
Perhaps that means that I’d need to look for something to do using methods that could be considered as dangerous as they are exciting.

If I somehow get together a few explosives and then proceed to explode my house, then perhaps I’ll be able to find something that I would need to do. Hopefully that would not involve running from the authorities, although if it did, I’m sure that my escape from the cruel hands of justice would involve some sort of sexy chase scene where I get away on a manatee that is somehow swimming on land.

Despite the sheer sexiness of the scene, it will be quite intense as a manatee can only move so fast and the police would be right on its tail. However, with quick evasive maneuvers, I’m sure that in the end, despite a few road bumps, close calls, intense moments and a sheer cluster of catastrophic happenings, I would get away somehow and ride off into the sunset, a free man once more as justice shall be found my favour, leaving me to wander off in search of other adventures and places where things would need to be resolved.
It would be as adventurous as it would be amazing and dangerous.

Not as sexy as the chase scene.

Perhaps it would be a better idea if I don’t blow up my house in order to find something to do.

Then again, there are people out there that need saving. Despite the vigilante status that I would now have, I would still feel as though it would be my duty to ride my trusty steed to where I was needed, help the villagers, stop the bad guys and thwart many an unexpected threat, with of course the eventual need to face down some of the people whom I could have called my friends as alignments shifted and the lines between good and evil slowly blurred, whilst loyalties would still remain in place despite being on different edges.

It would make for a great series of adventures, but there would be grave tragedies and pain. Sacrifices would have to be made in order to restore balance to the would be likely that I would come out on the other side a different person to the one that I am now.

I would wander the earth on my manatee a changed person; one who would be much wiser, but possibly less likely to interact, preferring to watch the world unfold and progress in an age that would at least be temporarily free from large-scale danger that would dare threaten the way of living life.

Eventually I would have to find myself stopping and choosing to rest. However, it would only be temporary as there would still need to be someone who would need to make sure that the peace remained in place and who better to do such a task than me?

Of course, this would all be reliant on assuming that any of this would unfold and despite the high chance of this happening, there’s a good chance that I wouldn’t know whilst it was happening as I sincerely doubt that I wouldn’t know what it was that I needed to do at that particular point in time.

I could make an attempt to try and find out but there’s nothing to say that I would know, despite having a need to know.

The time it took to write one thousand words: 15:36:60

So it had been more than a few weeks since I had done one of these so I’m happy with the time.

Perhaps the next one will be a bit more serious.

Written at work.


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