La La Land Review

La La Land was not a bad film.
One could say that it was quite enjoyable.

Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone play characters that have desires and pursue them whilst at the same time entering a relationship.

During the unfolding of the plot, there are no explosions, sword fights or horseback riding scenes.

The film is mostly a musical with a number of homages (I think).

It has a fairly even progression and whilst it does feel like there are a few scenes missing, it works quite well. The choreography is decent and the scenes are shot competently.

Lighting is used very effectively. At times it seems to invoke being on a set. It left me wondering if this was intentional and they shot a lot of the film on location, or if there were a lot of sets used and they chose to allow that to be apparent. Either way, it works to the benefit of the film.

The music is good. It rises and falls when appropriate and, being mostly a musical, there’s nothing too wrong with the songs telling you how to feel. However, the film mostly avoids beating you over the head with how you’re meant to feel and lets the moves and the characters combined with the music dictate the emotion a fair bit of the time.

There’s not much more I can say about the film without spoiling it and I don’t think that it’s a film that should be spoiled.

It’s not doing much new, but there’s a fair bit that can be appreciated. It’s well-made and mostly flows well.

I recommend seeing it.


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