On Triple J

I was going to write the following earlier today, but I think I found myself second-guessing myself on if I thought it would be worth writing.

I guess that that’s irrelevant.

Yesterday whilst Je and I were at the pub having dinner (our local does specials on pizzas on Thursdays), Triple J were close to finishing the Hottest 100,  countdown of the most popular songs played on Triple J based on listener voting.

At number six was a cover of “Believe” by Cher. It was a soulless, vapid acoustic-driven cover that had so much misplaced reverb throughout that it, combined with the overwrought singing failed as an intimate or meaningful cover.

I recognised what the song was within two seconds of it beginning.

I need to state that I am not a fan of Triple J. Whilst I have enjoyed a few songs that they’ve played, I’ve never been able to be as fanatically drawn to them as many people I’ve known (and not known) seem to have been and be. It seems that it is almost impossible to lobby any sort of criticism toward the radio station until people get older than the demographic that they are targeting, because they suddenly somehow suck because the music has gotten bad.

The first thing to remember is that Triple J have always been bad because of the demographic that they target.

Sure, they’re good until you outgrow them, but there has always been a demographic that hasn’t liked them so they’re bad.

Personally, I think that Triple J have almost always been inadequate in some form. I don’t think they’ve ever been as good as people have suggested. I do think that sometimes they are a good springboard for finding some forms of music you wouldn’t normally listen to and I do like that they support youth culture, but ultimately I don’t think they play music as varied or good as people suggest.

The second thing to remember is that whilst they are government funded, Triple J is ultimately a business that is trying to appeal to a demographic and that demographic is happy to support Triple J as a business. They’ve always included homogenised crap as that’s what draws in more listeners of any given period of time.

When Double J was launched (or relaunched) I was mildly interested for a brief period before I didn’t care. Ultimately it appeals to a demographic that remembers the “good old days” when Triple J was still good, so in actuality it’s a secondary radio station that appeals to people who have difficulty getting past nostalgia but still criticise stations such as Triple M and 2Day F.M. because they play a lot of stuff considered classics or a lot of samey popular songs, so they listen to something that validates some of their taste in music from a period in which they were growing up and developing instead.

I don’t want to listen to radio to try and validate my taste in music and pretend that that’s not what I’m looking for.

Quite frankly, I don’t mind if there’s radio stations that play music from my past, but I’m not going to pretend that that’s something I care about as I can easily listen to music from my past as I most likely have it in some format.

I’m aware that I could discover music that I was not aware of before, but I’m also willing to acknowledge that the chances of that occurring are quite low.

As said before, I’m not a fan of Triple J.
I don’t like it, but I do understand that there are a lot of people out there that have a fond connection with the radio station.
Admittedly, it does a fair number of things well (far more than I can be bothered to talk about at the moment), but overall I don’t think that it’s good.

With that being said, people need to remember that as a business, Triple J has no obligation to appeal to their tastes if they’re willing to let some of that they listen to stagnate.


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