One Thousand Word Challenge 17: I had a Really Good Sleep Last Night

I had a really good sleep last night.
It was really, really good.
You could even say that it was really, really, really good.

You could say that.
However, it was merely really good.

It was the first really good sleep I’ve had all year.

It had been a while since I had a sleep as good as that one.

At one point, I woke up for an hour, then went back to seep for a further ninety minutes (approximately).


Well, I have been known to actually wake up and then go back to sleep, but it happens fairly rarely for me, so I’m pretty happy when it does happen as it leaves me feeling well-rested (sometimes).

However, this morning when it happened, I almost went back to sleep because I was feeling so tired even though I had slept for longer than I usually would.

I’m glad that I didn’t as there’s a lot for me to do before the day is over and I’d rather get on with doing things, such as putting on pants and brushing my teeth, as well as going for a walk and then heading to work but not before making my lunch that will provide the sustenance I’ll need at some point during the day, for the sustenance will keep me powering on into the future of destiny that is required for me to fulfill before I can go home to do more things, such as pontificate, postulate and perforate.

There’s a lot for me to do today, as well as in the remainder of the year and I want to spend as little of my time wasted so I can make sure I get a lot done, even if it turns out that I’m still somehow not able to do much despite trying to do a lot, because at least I spent my time doing something that is (hopefully) productive.

There’s always time to rest and I think I’ve capitalised on that a little too much over the last few years. I’d rather get on with doing more now instead of less.

I’d also like to make sure that I’m typing faster than I’ve ever typed before, coming yup with things that could be seen as somewhat fantastically brilliant, for I am the greatest writer that has ever existed, bar none, and now I also want to be the fastest writer that has ever existed as well, for why can I not be both at once and at the same time, neither forever?

I’m sure that it is somehow possible, but I must train hard and work hard at training hard to make sure that I can get there, although I passed the requirements many moons ago and now all it is is making sure that I retain the title of both until I feel it is no longer necessary and then decide to pass the torch on to someone else who I feel is a little more deserving than I could ever be, although it would really just be me being somewhat sympathetic to said person, for really, as we all know, they’d never be able to touch the bar that I raised and that’s my own fault really, for I shouldn’t have set it so high. Had I not done that, maybe there would be fair competition.

Perhaps one day there would be someone who would come close, therefore forcing me to come out of retirement as there would be some sort of legitimate competition available that would allow me to feel the challenge I once felt before I became so much better than everyone else,. trouncing the competition as I left them in my wake.

Then the story would continue to unfold before my very eyes as I would be part of it. There would be drama, action, romance, action, drama, comedy and plenty of gratuitous talking scenes.

The scenes would be so gratuitous that your head would be reeling with the tedium of trying to comprehend the subtle brilliance mired in all the banality of the conversations that would be occurring on screen, or directly beamed into your eye organs!

Beamed straight right in for your ocular pleasure.

It would be as wonderful as it would be painful, but that’s the way the future is going to go in this completely real scenario and I don’t care if it does not seem that way, for I can say whatever I want and damn the consequences to some ethereal plane that cannot be perceived by the mortal world!

Anyway, back to reality…

So I feel like doing a lot this year and I want to make sure that I get a good start.

A good start would probably be making sure that I get enough sleep to ensure that I’m functioning better than usual, as I don’t get enough sleep as it is.

I think I’ve been operating on very little for a bit too long and it’s time to change that around, although the chances are that despite my saying that now, I probably won’t get enough sleep. However, that doesn’t prevent me from trying.

The only difference between me trying that and me trying to grow functioning wings that allow for complete independent flight mobility is that one is achievable and the other isn’t.

I won’t reveal which one is, but rest assured, there is definitely one of those that I can do and I’ll do my best to make sure that I stick to doing it, because I’m sick and tired of being inhibited by my lack of doing what it is of those two options that I can do as it ends up preventing me from doing more of what I want and seems to have some serious knock-on effects that I’m a bit over dealing with at this stage of my life.

So yes. It was a very good sleep last night and so far, the best of the year.

The time it took to write one thousand words: 14:45:59

It’s easy to go fast when you go off on a tangent.

Written at home.

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