Doctor Strange Review

I saw Doctor Strange a few weeks ago and was unsure as to whether I should write a review about it or not as I was mostly unsure as to how I’d write the review without spoiling it as there was one particular part of the film that I wanted to talk about as I thought it was an excellent part that at least did something different than most, if not all M.C.U. films and did it quite well, but considering that I’ve two other films I want to write about, I’ve decided to write a lazy review.

In Doctor Strange, Benedict Cumberbatch plays a brilliant asshole who ends up losing his main skill, becoming mostly asshole, then finds a way to be good at something else whilst losing his ability to be an asshole.

Along the way, he discovers the plot, as well as other things.

The actors act and they usually act well.
The film is shot well.
There’s special effects.
The plot is apparent.

The film is alright. It’s nothing amazing. It does some great things. Despite the requirement of them, considering the character, the use of special effects felt a bit ho-hum too often to me. Perhaps it was because they were way too excessive in parts. I didn’t think they were amazing or mind-blowing. They looked good, but the use was average at best.

Too much of the film is wasted on the origin story and it only serves to undermine what could have been a greater film. The first few minutes could have been spent giving the character an introduction, then the rest spent with the plot.
Because it was an origin story, everyone’s time is wasted as a result.
It’s not that origin stories are a bad idea. It’s that they’re mostly handled in the exact same way.

The music was alright.

I recommend seeing it, but don’t leave your brain at the entry.


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