Godzilla vs. Destroyer, or Destroyah, or Destoroyah Review

Fe came over yesterday.

We had a short jam and watched a movie.

It was a choice between Full Metal Jacket, and Godzilla vs. Destroyer.
The only way to watch Full Metal Jacket involved taking my laptop out into the living room and hooking it up to the TV (I went looking for an online copy to watch), and I didn’t feel like doing that, so we popped Godzilla vs. Destroyer on in the living room and the TV failed.

We found out that finding Full Metal Jacket online was a bit more difficult than I expected (also, we were probably feeling too lazy to do a thorough search), so in the living room, into the laptop Godzilla vs. Destroyer went in and failed to play, so we went hunting for an online copy.

We found a version dubbed in Tamil, and thus we watched the film.

Have I wasted enough time talking about stuff that is irrelevant to the review yet, or do I need to keep crapping on?

The plot is thus: Godzilla’s body temp is rising as he is going through a nuclear meltdown and may violently explode, leaving massive destruction in the wake (I’ve seen the film before, so the Tamil dub didn’t throw me off too much, although it did make for an interesting viewing experience as there were no subtitles).

Meanwhile, a new threat is rising that may also cause significant destruction.

Godzilla Junior is also in it and does some things.

The dialogue is alright, if a bit cheesy in places but the acting is decent enough and works well for the film.

Some of the transitions are a bit jarring, but it’s okay as the pace of the film is, for the most part, quick and smooth.

Godzilla looks great, as does Destroyer.

The battle scenes are fairly solid.

Many of the special effects, whilst having aged poorly, still suit the film quite well and don’t feel out of place.

Also, Super X-III is glorious.

What I think what this film gets close to nailing, if not doing completely right, is Destroyer as a threat.

Destroyer doesn’t stuff around. It starts acting quickly after its first action and maintains a near-constant presence throughout the rest of the film.

It’s something I feel that, when it comes to a fair number of film antagonists, they miss the mark when it comes to how they act as there wouldn’t be much of a movie if they didn’t spend so much time not doing much and instead acted earlier, getting their plans moving faster.

Godzilla vs. Destroyer was the final film of the Heisei Era of Godzilla films and it shows.
There’s an air of finality throughout the film, right from finding out that Godzilla is dying through to the end of the film.

It was a saddening, yet triumphant and celebratory goodbye to an iconic character, or at least one of their eras.

There were a few moments that didn’t quite work, but overall it was a fairly solid film.


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