One Thousand Word Challenge 12: A Second Field Trip Day

Like other locations, there was some talking about stuff on Mount Canobolas.

After that, we headed to the location at which we were staying for the evening.

I tried to get some shots, but it was raining and windy, leaving the only place safe from the rain being behind doors.

Food was served (surprising, I know) and talking was had over meals that were decent.

I was feeling very tired by this point as I hadn’t had a good sleep for over a week due to stress and my own brilliant idea of staying up later than I should, so after dinner and some more chatting, I began heading off for bed.

Whilst outside, I talked to some of my fellow students for a few moments before one of the academics on the field trip was getting everyone to head back to the dining area for a quiz that was described as being partially compulsory, saying things like there would be a role taken and that not attending could get us sent home in the morning.

Being tired, I was pretty angry about this.

I approached him and respectfully declined.
He told me that it was a team thing and it was only going to be half an hour, to which I told him I wasn’t much of a people person (which is true as, whilst I do pretty fine with people, I do prefer to do my own thing a fair bit of the time [depending on my mood, of course]), then headed to bed. I wanted to get more than six hours of sleep and I also wanted to do something in the morning.

Whilst in bed, I talked to two of the others in my dorm as they had skipped the quiz as well, so they got to hear me rant a bit.

Then I fell asleep.

When I woke up, everyone was asleep. I put on my clothes as quickly as I could, grabbed my camera and tripod, and then headed out to look for a hill so I could take some pictures of the sunrise.

I didn’t have much time so I tried to move quickly.

I headed in one direction and found that it would involve hopping over fences that would not be easy for me to do, so I headed in another, found that it went far enough from the accommodation (which was on a cattle station, in case anyone was wondering), realised I left my filters back in the dorm, decided to head out as far as I could anyway, then set everything up and began to take pictures.

A few minutes later, I found out I was facing the wrong way and the sun was rising to the left if where I was facing.

I hopped over a gate, made my way up a hill, and tried to capture it, but I missed out due to how much cloud coverage there was. Still, I was happy that I got to see a bit of it and I was able to get a few photos anyway, so it still worked out.

I made my way back to the dorm once I was done and then prepared for breakfast.
After breakfast, a few others and myself headed out to check out some of the animals on the ranch. It wasn’t the greatest thing I’ve experienced, but it was still pleasant.

During this, I found out that the quiz went for about an hour and a half and that the dorm that I wasn’t in featured a lot of people being drunk and loud., leaving students who didn’t get drunk in said dorm to lose a fair bit of sleep.

Anyway, we all had to get ready to leave, so we did. I hopped into a car that was for two of the academics so I could avoid feeling ill (I get travel sick from time to time and don’t do coach buses too well [although, there are times when this is not the case]). Then, leaving late, we headed off to our next destination.

We headed out to a field and saw some fossils, which was interesting. However, rain meant that it was not as pleasant as it could have been.

We made a quick stop at a town before our next location, so, after having a quick walk through it, a couple of my fellow students and I headed down to a river that ran alongside the town to check it out and also so I could take some photos.

Once done with the town, we went gold panning for a little while. It was interesting. I didn’t enjoy it probably as much as I thought I would, but I’m not averse to doing it again.

At this point I had to hop on a bus as some of the academics were heading back to UNSW, leaving room for the academics who were driving to now hop onto the bus.

Everyone got ready, when all of a sudden a disgruntled tractor driver appeared, telling off the driver of the bus that I was on, then having a go at one of the academics for a while whilst blocking the road. It took a little while for it to end, but eventually it did, seemingly in a peaceful manner, then the tractor driver drove his truck away, allowing us to begin the journey to our final location before all heading back to UNSW: Jenolan Caves.

Unfortunately, it took a bit longer to get there than any of us had hoped, as one of the students found himself feeling quite ill and had to get the bus to pull over so he could throw up (supposedly he was not hungover), which eventually lead to the academics who left us in the car to come and meet the buses to pick him up and take him back at some point.

Well, after that, it was fairly smooth, albeit long sailing to the scenic Jenolan Caves.

The time it took to write one thousand words: 20:51:37

A lackluster performance of writing.

Oh well. The final stage of the uninteresting summary of this will be up… in time.

Written at my (new) desk at home.


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