One Thousand Word Challenge 11: A Field Trip

After an exciting few days that involved a field trip to Bathurst and some of it’s surrounding areas for a few days, and a moment on Saturday where, whilst I was still physically appearing, I kind of phased out of reality (or detached and floated off somewhere, I think), it’s now a Monday, and also a public holiday, thus being a day where I’m not earning the sweet, delicious coin I need to buy the supplies that keep me sustained, but at least the plants that I’m trying to grow are looking happy (except for the ones that are still seeds, for I can’t tell if they are doing well or not yet), so that’s always a bonus.

I’m not going to talk about the phasing out of reality moment because, to be honest, it’s not that interesting (although I doubt anyone would accuse me of being interesting when it comes to some [or a lot] of the things I’ve written here, so perhaps it’s more just that I don’t feel like writing about it, if that is indeed the case, although I’m not sure, so yeah), but I will attempt to write about the field trip, for that is something that happened before said phasing out of reality.

The beginnings of the field trip lie in the heart of the morning hours of the glorious day known as Thursday.

It was an early wake that I had, although not any earlier than usual.

Unfortunately my body decided that waking up well before any time I needed to be alert was a brilliant idea and thus I had less sleep than I had anticipated and hoped.

It had been about ten to eleven days since I last had what could be described as a decent sleep and thus I was left feeling much more tired than I hoped.

Unfortunately this somehow lead to me leaving later than I had hoped I would.

I got ready as quickly as I could and then took off, walking down to a road where I could catch a bus that would take me to university with great promptness, hoping that I would not be late, as there was a deadline for the time I needed to be there.

It would seem that it was not to be, for, due to leaving the house ten minutes later than I wanted to, I was going to arrive to the location of departure at university after the departure time.

Once in the city, I decided to make the decision to catch a cab the rest of the way. It turned out to be a good decision, for I arrived where I was meant to be with time to spare.

After sitting around for a while and having some tea (I prepared a thermos before leaving home as I like to take tea with me when I go somewhere early in the morning if it’s a location outside of Sydney), I hopped on one of the buses that was going to be driving my fellow students, as well as myself, around.

We left late.

To be fair, it was only about fifteen minutes and I didn’t regret taking the cab from the city, but still, it would have been nice to know beforehand.

Oh well.

We began to make our way out of the city using the underground tunnels, and once we were away from traffic, it did not take long for us to make it to our first destination; the Three Sisters in Katoomba.

I still don’t find them too interesting and I think the middle sister looks like a gorilla (something I’ve thought for a very long time).
We were given some time to wander around and take notes, and answer questions before we had to head off to our next destination which just so happened to be the fossil and mineral museum in Bathurst.

It was here that I met someone who I got along with quite well.

We took note of a cobweb between two rocks in one fo the display cases. It was… cobweb-like.

We were somewhat hungry, so he, a few others and I headed off for lunch (for we had some time to get food at this stop) and talked about nothing in particular.

Eventually it was time to leave. I asked one of the people running the field trip if I had time to go to the bathroom and they told me I did, so I went to the bathroom.

I then caused a delay with the buses (possibly).

We left and then made our way to Mount Panorama, did a partial lap, and then made our way to another location after that, which was some mystery location, but not before finding out that one of the students was left behind in Bathurst (someone went to pick them up).

The mystery location had some great views, but sadly we were only there for a few minutes. Maybe it was ten. I do not know. Either way, I was a bit disappointed as I was hoping that we’d have more time there to look at things (as I wanted to have some time to take a few good photos due to how the landscape was shaped, but you can’t win them all).

From there, we went to a hill and walked up to where the buses were told to wait for us. Along the way there was talking about some of the rock and soil, as well as looking for some rocks. It was as riveting as it sounds.

Well, to be fair, it was nicer than I’ve implied, but it was more the view and the environment than anything else.

The last place we were going to for the day (not including accommodation) was Mount Canobolas. Whilst looking out the bus window, I saw something that, once the bus stopped, had me leaving the bus immediately to see I could capture with my camera.

It was, to me, incredibly beautiful.

The time it took to write one thousand words: 19:35:15

Well, a decent time, to be sure.
Anyway, there’s more banality to come!

Written at my (new) desk at home.


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