An Issue that Bothers me

There’s something that’s been bothering me a fair bit in recent times.

It’s the amount of focus that refugees have been receiving.

To be specific, it’s the focus on their plight that has been bothering me.

Before anyone grabs their torches and pitchforks, I have to state that I do not have a problem with the amount of attention this particular issues has been receiving. Nor do I have a problem with the fact that people are fighting for their rights.

Anyone who is fleeing from a whole load of bullshit that no one should have to deal with should be given the opportunity to be protected from that. When it comes to how their plight seems to be treated, I think that it can be handled much better in Australia than how it has been so far.

What bothers me about it is that most people seem to not care about the Aborigines so much anymore, or they don’t want to think about them.

The Aborigines seem to have become the elephant in the room. There’s still a lot of problems that are happening with how they’re treated, as well as what is perceived as what they should have as rights versus what they actually get as rights.

Before anyone says anything about financial benefits and preferential treatment in certain areas, the problem is you can’t just throw money and preference at a problem and hope it goes away, because the problems haven’t.

The issue is that they need to actually be treated entirely as equals rather than given some compensation and then swept to the side.

This is a major problem and people seem to pretend that it’s not, instead focusing on the refugee problem, which, whilst is a big issue, should a be treated as an issue that is equal to the one involving a group of people that have been in the country for much longer than the majority of the populace who still seem to be treated poorly.

A quick side note: I do not like using emotive language when it comes to issues such as these, so I apologise for any that I may have used and may now end up using.

Anyway, a big question I have is this: How many people will still care about refugees once the ones who are still getting treated poorly are allowed into Australia?

They still have issues they need to deal with, but I can’t help but think that they will no longer be flavour of the month once one issue is solved.

It’s a bit like the pro-life people. Most of them don’t care about a baby once it’s born.
They only seem to care that their own interests in something that’s not their business aren’t offended or challenged.

Again, I have to state that I don’t have a problem with the refugees getting attention and their right to be here getting fought for. I think that, between the fight for the rights of the Indigenous people of Australia and the refugees, there’s a significant imbalance that needs to be addressed.

How are we meant to properly care about how people trying to come into the country are treated if we don’t seem to want to keep fighting alongside people who were in this country before us?


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9 Responses to An Issue that Bothers me

  1. Ompong says:

    A deep thought on this one… The force is strong in you! 😃

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  2. kimkasualty says:

    I completely agree.

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  3. good post and good for you!

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