Radiohead: A Moon Shaped Pool Review

So I’ve been trying to get a review done for A Moon Shaped Pool for a while now but I haven’t had much luck, so I’ve decided to try and power through it right now whilst listening to a Blind Idiot God song on repeat (“Thunderhead”) because somehow I think that doing so is a good idea.

Maybe I think it’ll enable me to spit out the same kind of pretentious wank that comes from a music website out there (as well as a physical publication I could spend a long time ranting about, but now is not the time for that).

So Radiohead have released a new album… four months ago. It’s a cracker. Kind of.

The album seems to have a fairly sombre mood, yet overall they’re delivered with a fairly laid-back feel, coming off more as relaxed and calm, despite downcast emotions.
This might have to do with the majority of what is heard being rather soft and, in a sense, quiet. Even “Ful Stop”, the most (and pretty much only) frantic song on the album, does not sound overt, fitting in well with the rest of the album. There are occasions where an instrument (or instruments) might become a bit more prominent than others. However, it never becomes obnoxious and is always in service of the song.

Whilst strings have been used to great effect on some songs of previous Radiohead albums, here they get to be a bit more prominent, accentuating melody and atmosphere for most of the songs they appear on, whilst seeming to be the basis of the others (“Burn the Witch” comes to mind).

Thom Yorke still sings well, although at times it can be difficult to tell if he sounds interested. It’s like that he was, but due to his delivery at various points throughout A Moon Shaped Pool, it becomes hard to tell how much. With that being said, the most likely reason it becomes hard to discern is how his voice works with the rest of the band, as he too is, for the most part, sounding fairly laid back and low-key with his delivery.

With all of that being said, at times it feels as though there’s something off with the album. It can come off as a bit lifeless, or at least drained. It’s clear that there has been a fair bit of effort put into its creation. However, sometimes some of the songs feel like they should be livelier than they are.

A Moon Shaped Pool is a decent Blind Idiot God Radiohead album. Like most albums, it has moments that are stronger than others. However, overall it’s a good collection of songs that work well together.

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  1. pretty good review I’d say though I’m not too familiar with them. I like your humour!

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