Weedeater and Conan: Live at Manning Bar 15/07/2016

The first band for the night was Thorax, a band I had seen before but knew not their name.
They were better this time around, with their sound being much thicker, heavier, and more confident and the vocals more intense, although their stage presence is lacking.

This may have had to do with the amount of gear that was on stage, as there wasn’t much room to move about.

Still, they’re getting better and with continued hard work, will hopefully attract more fans.

Lo! were next. Their singer (or should that be screamer?) alone had too much stage presence. Combined with the music, it was glorious.
Whilst spouting out lyrics, various poses and actions that wouldn’t feel out of place in an Immortal music video from the 90’s were done, whilst the band played heavy and hard music with great focus and much energy. They worked well as a unit, sounding tight and driven.

Conan came on shortly after Lo! wrapped up and began their proceedings with a thick, bass-heavy sound.
Their songs were relentless and doom-laden, with vocals at a much higher pitch than the instrumentation being yelled, adding some extra bleakness and heaviness to the music. However, there was also just enough groove to prevent the songs from becoming oppressive.

They had a good handle on how to play a solid set of music and it paid off.

It wasn’t long after Conan finished before Weedeater got into their set of fuzzy, bass-centric sludge.

Songs about a sandwich, weed and monkeys, and various other topics were played with a great amount of enthusiasm and energy, feeling rather fun and light-hearted despite being fairly heavy body music at the same time.

Despite his harsh vocal style, Dixie Collins had a surprisingly high amount of clarity whenever he was in front of the mic. It would have been fine if this wasn’t the case, but considering how fun the music felt, it as a nice bonus to have.

The drummer, front and centre of the stage, was very much into his showmanship, frequently flipping and spinning a stick whilst remaining consistent in keeping time.

Like prior bands of the night, Weedeater seemed genuinely happy to have the audience there. Often between songs, Dixie would thank the audience for being there and it sounded genuine. It was nice, as the audience seemed to feel the same.

Sadly their set had to end soon, but it was okay, as it was a satisfying set to watch. They, like the other bands of the night, played well and didn’t feel like they were phoning it in.


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