One Thousand Word Challenge 8: In Which I Attempt to Write a Lengthy Poem as Quickly as Possible

And thus the berries were out of reach
And there were many lessons of which one was to teach
And yet the challenge was so near and so far
And there were times when it felt to be too tough
Yet there was a need to try and succeed
And perhaps that once the challenge had been faced
And all adversaries and obstacles had been displaced
A chance to rest would be attained
Yet the time of peace could not forever be retained

It was a day twice the length of the night
On which the journey I took upon myself
It was needed to be reached; the branches beyond grasps
It was a task that required some sort of completion
A pack full of supplies was all that was required
Its weight was felt, yet some of it would be retired
And along with a familiar blade by my side
The weight was felt, yet was needed for what was supplied

An early start was the best approach
Walking whilst eating and thinking of anecdotes
A road wide and easy laid bare in front of my steps
Leaving little chance of leaving the track
To reach branches that lay high upon an earth stack
Yet the track  was long and far too linear
Leaving the mind to grow restless and thinking unclear
It was the danger of progressing easily
Yet an early start helped ease the tedium

Eventually a tree was reached and faced
With little difficulty found in the path traced
The mind was able to focus more and be exercised
As I tried to work out how I’d climb to reach the skies
And once more a challenge was posed in front
Although it was the first real one found on this quest
A tree with no easy way of ascending
The branches were high and not prone to bending
My short blade would  be needed for ascending

I approached the trunk; thick and smooth
I removed my dagger from its pouch
Light and nimble, yet durable and strong
My hand raised and prepared to strike into the wood
When a sound behind me struck out in surprise
Someone fell from the tree, uninjured and prepared
They had been waiting in ambush to take out my head
I did what I could and prepared for a fight
Removed my pack and assumed position

The person charged with a fearsome stride
Suddenly I found that I would prefer to hide
Yet there was nowhere to go and nowhere to run
The area was open and lacking in vegetation
Aside form the tree – so large and grand
As long as my back was to it, then strong I could stand
The first blow came and I was lucky enough to parry
For their blade was longer and probably more than I could carry
And not something that I should have been able to parry

I did my best to prevent any wounds
I did not want to hurt them, but I did not want to lose
My best course of action was to continue to block
And make sure that I remained as safe as I could
And yet I knew that I could not keep this up
For they did not seem intent on ending this reign of attacks
I would eventually have to make a strike
That would allow me the chance to end this tirade
So I could focus on ascending the mighty tree

I looked for an opening and yet it did not want to come
I kept on deflecting blows that I faced
There would have to be a point where I could make a strike
Or perhaps I would have to swing blindly into the night
There was a chance my success would be fine
Although perhaps I would miss entirely
And feel myself embarrassed entirely
Yet I would have little choice if this continued
For my adversary felt the desire to refuse to tire

So soon after one of the strikes
Their arm rose up into the sky
I used this opportunity to strike out to their vest
Refusing to do anything that could bee seen as in jest
A sound of air and a gasp was heard
And the sound of metal hitting the earth was heard
Blood had been drawn that was not mine
And yet a wound I had sustained and leaking a little
Yet I was the victor and it was not the end of my tale

I watched them slump to the ground
It was not pleasant; there was little sound
I dressed my wound and prepared for my ascent
To reach the berries after facing detriment
I drove my knife into the trunk
And raised myself to higher places
It was slow and arduous – there were dangers
Yet it did not take long to reach a branch
Finally the berries being attained had a greater chance

And thus the berries were within reach
And many lessons learned that I could teach
The challenge had been dispelled to have a new one arise
As I looked out onto the moving skies
There was a need to try and succeed
And it was met with conviction and well-paced speed
But now it was time to descend from my perch
For despite the peaceful scene I could see
I needed to begin my return journey

It was growing dark as I began to go down
I slowly and carefully planned to reach the ground
I tried to take my time and prevent any mishaps
To ensure that the berries would be brought back to town
Yet it was more difficult than I expected
A rope I could use but had not carried
For the trunk was as thick as it was smooth
And soon I lost my grip and began to fall fast
For the grooves made earlier had moved from my path

There was nothing that I could do
I approached the ground and hoped for the best

The time it took to write one thousand words: 24:36:45

Slower than I hoped, but still happy with the time as I ended up pausing a fair bit and trying to think about what I was writing which ended up being more than I should have.

Anyway, not a great poem, but I’m happy.

Written at work.


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I'm some guy that does stuff. The standards. Creating amazing effigies, scaling mountains using my feet only and replacing the very fabric of reality. Serious time! I enjoy writing. I make music in some of my spare time. Currently working somewhat full time and studying as well. Also working on self-improvement. Hoping to one day fill the internet with enough insane ramblings to impress a cannibal rat ship. I have a page called MS Paint Masterpieces that you may be interested in checking out.
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