Voting is Over and I’m Surprised

So the time of voting ended on Sunday and now everyone is waiting for the vote counting to finish so we can find out who we’re going to be collectively pissed-off at for the next however many years that the new term will be.

That’s the joy of being a voter; it doesn’t matter as to who is in power. Everyone seems to hate them from the get-go.

Half-jokes aside, I’m surprised that Pauline Hanson was able to win a seat.

I also feel a little bit bad as I jokingly told a few people that I was going to vote for One Nation as I believed that we should be united as one multicultural nation, allowing cultural integration and accepting others, then would feign ignorance regarding One Nation and ask something along the lines of “aren’t they about cultural integration?”.

I would never vote for One Nation and, as said just before, I am surprised that Pauline Hanson was able to win a seat.

We live in a country that is meant to be culturally accepting, but I guess in some parts that’s still not the case.

I know that, currently, racism looks to be worse in other countries than it is here, but I can’t help but find myself feeling disgusted by the attitude that some people seem to carry towards other people due to their beliefs.

We must remember that foreigners threaten the “Australian” way of life with their beliefs.

Because supposedly the “Australian” way of life seems to be about ignoring what was done to the Aboriginals and telling anyone who is darker than the snow to fuck off because it’s better to live in a state of backwards head-up-ass ignorance that it is to learn about another culture and help strengthen a nation.

Supposedly Australia was “built” with the ideas of a fair go and mate-ship in mind, but there seems to be people who believe that that extends only as far as people who are of predominantly Anglo-Saxon descent and anyone else could be seen as an enemy.

People should not be judged on their colour, belief, or orientation. What should matter is who they are, but there’s still people in the world who think that that’s not the case.

I don’t know if Pauline Hanson is preying on people’s fears or not, but it’s still worrisome that she could be elected because, ultimately, whilst she is right in saying that she is entitled to her opinion, she seems more interested in remaining as ignorant as possible to other cultures instead of learning about them and trying to understand different points of view.

Not everyone is an extremist and not everyone is here to get people.

Yes, people who come here have to respect the Australian “culture”, but Australia has to respect the cultures that come here as well. It’s a two-way thing.

But there seem to be people out there who don’t understand that.

Oh well. Hopefully people will gradually stop being ignorant.

Edit: For some reason I did not put the time on here, so I’ve removed it from the challenge list.


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