Five-Hundred Word Challenge 124: Power Suit-wearing Student Rant

Now, before I start ranting tonight, I must declare a warning.

Warning: There are generalisations made here. Some are more general than others.

If you are offended by generalisations, then I suggest you do not read on and run as far away as you can until the following writing can no longer be seen and you can hide away from something that may be vaguely offensive to everyone (or nobody; it’s that surprising [well, not really]).

Now that the warning has been stated, consider yourself warned.

You have been warned through the use of warning.

So sometimes I have to go to the school of business at UNSW to study.

Usually it is for a chemistry tutorial on a Thursday, but seeing as exams are coming up, I’ve gone again just to study and revise.

Something that I see is a bunch of people wearing a power suit who are really young.

Anyone that young has not earned the right to wear a power suit the way they do.

Do you honestly think that just because you’re doing a degree in learning how to work in an office and do things in an office has given you the right (and privilege) to wear a power suit?

Wipe that smug prick look off your face. You may end up being my boss, telling me how to do a job you have no knowledge of, but you’ll end up being one of many, floating along from job to job, trying to put your touch on something that will inevitably piss off everyone and then bugger off to “better” opportunities because you have no idea as to what you’re actually doing.

Of course you will try and cooperate with people and work as part of a team, but we’ll always be so far beneath you and your high position.

I think I’ve started to derail myself here, so I’ll try to veer back on track.

The problem I have is that the right to wear a power suit is something that has to be earned. You can’t just buy into the right to wear it.

It’s something that commands respect and someone who is doing a basic business degree wearing something that says “you HAVE to respect me” when they’re somewhere a couple of years around twenty has not earned that right.

Even people who have earned the right to wear power suits still have to work to maintain that respect. It’s something that requires integrity and that’s something that a lot of people seem to not be aware of.

You MAY be able to grow into wearing a power suit, but if you’re wearing one almost straight off the bat, then it’s unlikely that you will.

Stick with something cheaper that signifies you are starting off and learning.

Besides which, you should be getting work experience at the same time. Otherwise your business degree won’t get you something better than someone who has been working for the same time you’ve been studying.

The time it took to write five-hundred words: 09:58:11

So I set out to just rant about people I see who are too young to have earned the right to wear a power suit and I don’t know why I dragged people who get business degrees into it.

Probably because they tend to go hand-in-hand.
Any degree can be as useless as the other. It depends on how you use it, ultimately.

I think there are plenty of good reasons to get one.

I just don’t think you should be some big-headed shithead just because you’re doing a business degree.

Although, it’s quite likely that the majority of people who are doing a business degree and wearing a power suit aren’t smug or big-headed.

Written from my (new) desk at home.


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