One Thousand Word Challenge 5: To a Bell Tower

“An apple? You want me to do something incredibly dangerous and and all you’re giving me is an apple.”

“Don’t worry. When the time comes and you need something, it will reveal its purpose.”

“Thanks. You make this seem so enticing and safe. I’m so glad I’ve accepted to do this. I sure as hell look forward to this apple saving my life when needed.”

And with that, they set off on their journey to ring a bell so as to ensure that its beautiful sound, not heard for years, could be heard once more and put a smile on the villagers’ faces, as well as those who lived beyond the area.

It had been a ling time since someone had gone into the bell tower. Once a few floors of it inside had collapsed, no one seemed to be able to find a way up inside, even with the rubble cleared out. It seemed that the only way up was on the outside; something that was an incredibly dangerous task due to the sheer drop and very little parts that can be gripped.

That and the dangers that lurked in the area made it far more difficult than anyone had hoped.

Some people had tried and they all managed to meet their demise, so people willing to try for something so insignificant were few and far between.

So the person set out and began to make their way east towards the road that would lead them through a pathway that would lead up towards the hill where the bell tower still stood as a reminder to what it used to be and what it used to bring to the village nearby.

Many people were not fond of it, but found themselves missing its ringing once it was no longer there. They might still be annoyed with it ringing, but they very much preferred it being there as it was still a part of their day and, ultimately, something that they did enjoy to some extent.

It’s loud, clear sound would ring out in the morning and the evening, loud and powerful, waking those would still be sleeping and bringing a smile to many, as well as a scowl from some.

Life still went on without it ringing out and joy was still found, but it was still a small additional joy that the villagers could do with having at this time.

They had really gotten lucky when they had the person passing through. They had nothing better to do and managed to receive the hospitality of the villagers, so they decided to go and do it for them, despite them feeling it was deserving of much more than some free food and accommodation. Still, they went out to try and fulfill the request as best as they could as it gave them something to do and also allowed them to use some of the skills they had accumulate on a life of journeying around the continent.

The path they followed was fairly linear and well-maintained. They were expecting something far more disheveled, considering that it had been unused for a long time, but, luckily for them, it was clear and not misleading in the slightest. Despite the canopy above hiding the sun and the sky from them, forcing them to walk through the dark, they still had no trouble following what was set out before them as the path was apparent and visible at all times in front of them.

Still, despite the ease of the path leading them to feeling more comfortable with what they had agreed to do, they had wished that more than a small apple had been given to them for this journey. They knew that the village wasn’t the richest in the world, but they had no idea as to how something that was an edible item was going to help them climb the outside of a bell tower and ring a bell. It didn’t seem to make any sense and felt more as though the villagers were trying to pull one over them. However, they had to trust that they were provided with something that would indeed be useful as they had experienced far stranger things in their travels that were far more worthy of raising an eyebrow than this.

Eventually light began to filter through the trees, illuminating their way once again and thus making them walk with far less caution than they had before. The path seemed to become a little more worn for wear at this point. It wasn’t surprising, considering that not many people had gone this far, but they were still a little surprised as it seemed more as though that it was due to it being old rather than it not being maintained.

Eventually the thick woods ended and they found themselves moving through a vast, open area.

Some of it lead away from where they were heading. They thought that once they had completed this large task with a small payoff, they’d go see where the expanse would lead them.

Following a small incline, they found themselves making their way up a hill. It felt rather easy for the most part, although it became significantly steeper about half of the way up.

Suddenly the trek became much more difficult than it had any right to be. The ground felt much looser underneath their feet, but they still persisted as they wanted to make sure they would see it the whole way through instead of giving up and heading elsewhere.

Despite how ridiculous this seemed to them, the person kept on going up, slipping and falling a number of times, but not stopping as the sooner they were past this, the sooner it would be over and the sooner they would be able to get on with going elsewhere and continuing their travels.

After a lengthy exercise in learning how to continue to fall over and injure themselves, they made it to the top of the hill.

The time it took to write one thousand words: 22:00:63

Slower than I had hoped. I blame the cold.

So I set out to write something a bit more normal than I usually would and it kind of sucks.

Oh well.

I’m satisfied with it so far.

Written from my (new) desk at home.


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