Five-Hundred Word Challenge 121: It was a Cold Morning

It was a cold morning, and yet that was still not a deterrent for heading to a place where they felt they could be at ease and feel free from everything they felt that they had fallen into: extremely repetitive routine, a comfortable job that did not allow them to follow what they truly wanted to do, a regular day (and time) for doing the shopping, washing, and not doing anything anymore that people would consider “outside the norm”.

They had felt that they reached an impasse that a regular, dull routine that they felt they were trapped in, could not assist them in passing.

They needed a form of relief; a break away from it all; away from the city and away from a smaller view of the sky that was above them.

It was a long and cold trip that morning on the train.
They were heading south into the Royal National Park before the sun had risen as they wanted an early start to get to something they wanted to see and be in.

At this point in time, they craved the bush and what lied just past it.

It didn’t matter that it was winter as, for them, it was beauty that should never be altered to suit some sort of ideal that means the changing of the natural landscape and, for the time being at least, the landscape was going to remain untouched and unchanged.

It was land that, as far as they were aware, wouldn’t be changed to something completely different just because a bunch of people liked how it looked and decided the best thing to do was to remove as much of it as they could to put a house in it to say they were living among nature.

There were huts and a couple of offices, but the huts were small and (relatively) non-invasive; the offices for rangers.

Once they were off the train, they made their way up a somewhat steep incline before going into the bush and gradually making their way down.

Eventually the trees swallowed the sky, but that did not matter in this instance as it was not the usual gray and brown that they usually saw. It was lively.

The area was dark but not uninviting. It felt familiar and peaceful in a way that was unfamiliar in the city.

Eventually the canopy gave way to the sky and they found themselves in a large field. They could see nature all around them for a long distance. The sound of what they wanted was closer than it had been before.

They continued on their journey, slowly making their way closer and closer until they were there.

They stripped down to their swimmers and ran towards the ocean, diving in as quickly as they could.

The intensity of the cold and the waves was something they had not experienced in a long time. They missed it.

Swimming in the ocean, they begun to feel free once more.

The time it took to write five-hundred words: 12:22:07

A bit slower than I hoped!

Also, I don’t know what happened with the end.

Oh well.

Written at me (new) desk at home.

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