Five-Hundred Word Challenge 90: A Laughing Bus Driver

Back in December, on one of the days Ewe and I went to Bondi Beach for a swim in the morning, we had a rather interesting bus trip back home.

We hopped on the bus and found we did not have enough money to actually catch it, but the bus driver let us on anyway and laughed when he did.

I figured he was a jovial fellow, not knowing the chaos and destruction… anyway…

So, during the trip back to where we’d be getting off, every now and then he would say something and then laugh. It was a hearty “ha ha ha”.

Ewe and I weren’t exactly sure as to what was going on, but it became a bit intense when we hit traffic really early into the journey, which lead to the driver saying something else about the traffic and then laughing again.

During this, occasionally when the bus had to stop to let people off, the doors would stop working momentarily, which lead to the driver saying something about the doors and laughing.

At one point, whilst in the traffic and whilst there were a lot of people on the bus, he mentioned how there were lights that were read on the dashboard in front of him, “Ha ha ha. Too many people, ha ha ha”.

It took a while to reach Bondi Junction. When we did, the doors on the bus stopped working.

He said something along the lines of “The doors aren’t closing, ha ha ha. Oh no, ha ha ha”.

Everyone is on the bus and wondering as to what is going on.
After a few minutes, people started getting off the bus to catch a train into the city as it looked like it was going to be quicker (I’m pretty sure the driver suggested this). Ewe and I hopped off and waited, and soon enough, the bus started working again.

A little bit further into the journey, the doors stopped working again and wouldn’t close.

There was more things being said and laughing.

The only thing I think I caught was “You’ll have to hop on the next bus, ha ha ha”.

So, Ewe, the other passengers and I hopped off and hopped straight onto the next bus that came, which Ewe and I were somewhat thankful for as, whilst the bus driver seemed like a cool guy, the talking and laughing was becoming a little too intense for us.

Sadly the second bus did not take us all the way home and we had to change once we reached the city.

Now, the reason why I mention this is that Ewe and I were up in Katoomba earlier today.

We went up last night and when we came back, we had to catch a bus to Blacktown and then a train from there.

The laughing bus driver came to mind and, due to the length of the bus trip, we were glad he wasn’t driving it.

It would’ve been too much.

The time it took to write five-hundred words: 11:28:31

Far, far too slow.
We had to deal with track work today.
It’s not the worst thing, but it certainly does slow things down.

Anyway, I decided that I’d write about the laughing bus driver today whilst on the bus we had to catch, as we talked about him a lot and invoking his style of talking and laughing was slowly driving us insane.

However, I couldn’t help myself.

Written from bed.


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