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Here is a picture of a dinosaur. It’s not every day you see one of these! Anyway… I saw this whilst I was riding along the しまなみ海道 (Shimanami Kaidō) Bikeway. It was a few minutes after reaching 因島市(Innoshima). I think … Continue reading

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Five-Hundred Word Challenge 50: Trying to Talk to People in Elevators

The weird thing about elevators is that they allow for meeting people with far greater ease than we realise, but because they’re so transitory in this manner, it’s rare that you’ll say anything to them, missing a great opportunity to … Continue reading

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Mooring Ring

This is a picture I took when I stopped at the Oyster Farm during my cycle to reach 江波山公園 (Ebayama Park) before sunset. Whilst I haven’t seen many, I definitely haven’t seen a mooring ring so heavily encrusted with barnacles. … Continue reading

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