Five-Hundred Word Challenge 47: Going for a Swim

It may have been a Saturday, but it was still a time that required an early start.

They made their way to the beach.

They would have gone on Friday, but it had been too hot and it would have been far too crowded.

They decided to go early on Saturday morning to try and beat the crowds and have more space.

It was certainly a colder day, but they didn’t care.

They wanted to swim as it was, for them, overdue.

It didn’t take too long to get to where they needed to. The light rail made sure of that.

They walked to their bus stop and, with little waiting, the bus was there, taking them to the sand they so wanted to see.

The day looked unpleasant, but it was not a deterrent, as their desire to swim outweighed their desire to be inside.

Soon enough they were at the beach.

They casually made their way down to the sand.
After taking their shoes off, they noticed how cool it felt to the touch.

It was certainly preferred over how burning it would have been during the previous day.

They walked for a few minutes, locating the swimming flags with little issue.

The wind was cool on their skin as they prepared to head to the water.

Sunscreen was there, but they decided against using it. It probably would have been better if they had, but they did not care.

They just wanted to get into the water and enjoy it for all they could.

Once they were ready, they ran.

They headed straight for the ocean, each step bringing them closer to what they were after.

It looked cold, but they didn’t care.

Once they reached the water, they kept on running forward, keeping pace to get in as far as they could before they could no longer run.

The water was warmer than expected.
It took them by surprise, but it did not slow them down.

The taste of the waves was near and they were craving it.

The surf was strong but they preferred it that way, as they had a preference for something more intense to be swimming in.

As they went further away from the shoreline, the waves grew in size.
However, it was still too shallow.

The level of the water rose around them as they moved further out.
They began to get ready to immerse their bodies in the ocean as much as they could.
It was a release that was going to provide them with a strong feeling of happiness and joy.

They were nearly where they wanted to be before they would go in completely.

A small, but strong looking wave approached them faster than expected.

No longer running, but still moving as quickly as they could, they prepared to meet it with their bodies.

They dived into the wave and into the ocean, feeling energised as a sense of release came over them.

Their morning had now begun.

The time it took to write five-hundred words: 19:21:20
A bit slower than I thought it would take.

Ewe and I went to the beach yesterday and this morning.
I thought I’d write about starting off our swim yesterday in a third-person style to make it more of a story, but I don’t think it turned out well.

It also slowed me down a lot more than I thought it would.

Oh well.

This was written at my desk at home.


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