Japan Trip: From the Second day in Onomichi to the Fifth day in Tokyo

I was lucky enough to wake up in the morning before the guy I did not like started yelling at someone on the phone.
It was annoying.

I got myself ready for the cycle and double-checked the location of where I’d rent a bike.

Gabe told me he was going to go ahead a day early back to Tokyo (our last destination) as there didn’t seem like there was much to do in 尾道市 (Onomichi).
I pointed out that there was the temple walk and also that there was tourist information brochure that showed plenty of things to do before giving him one.
He said he was still probably going to go ahead anyway.
There wasn’t much I could do to convince him to stay, so I said “alright”.
He said he’d pay for the rest of the trip and then told me to have fun on the cycle.

I made my way to the rental cycle terminal at Ekimae-Kowan Car Park (situated at Onomichi Port) and walked right past it without realising.

I spent a while trying to find it.
Eventually I asked someone for help.
They pointed me in the right direction which lead to me wondering how I missed it in the first place as it was pretty obvious as to where it was.

Once I had a bike, I caught a ferry to 向島町 (Mukaishima).
Soon after, I began my ride along the しまなみ海道 (Shimanami Kaidō) Bikeway.

It was an absolute blast.
Most of the cycle was really easy.
A lot of the road was flat and easy to travel along, with uphills rarely being tough and downhills having a good flow to them.

The cycle felt very quiet.
Traffic was uncommon and not many other people were seen.

There was always something around to appreciate, whether it was the sea or the land.
It was an incredibly scenic journey.

I felt very free during the ride.

Shortly after I reached 因島市(Innoshima), I saw a road that would allow me to head up a mountain.
Not feeling up for it, I stayed on the path.
As I peddled along, I began to feel as though I was lifting from the ground.
I looked down and noticed that the ground was far beneath me.
I kept going, seeing where I would end up until, lo and behold, I had gone face first into the mountain.
I picked myself up and dusted myself off as I watched the bike fold itself up and fly to a lower area.
Not feeling like doing some serious mountaineering, I clambered down as quickly as I could as I could feel the mountain preparing for takeoff.

I almost did not make it as began to lift just as I got to the bottom.

I then ran as fast as I could to try and get a safe distance away, turning around only to see it leave for another realm of possibility.

I then found the bike and burrowed into the ground to summon another mountain to take the position of the old mountain as the place would feel empty otherwise as there was a lack of mountain and without any mountain being there, it would have caused sadness, although I’m sure the view would have been interesting for some as they wouldn’t have a mountain in the way. You know, the problem with mounta
So yeah, the cycle was really fun.

Sadly, it finished about half of the way through.

After about twenty minutes on 生口島 (Ikuchi-jima), I decided to stop and get something to eat as I needed more energy.
Once I was done, I resumed cycling.

Soon after, I decided to stop and catch a ferry back.
I was beginning to feel a bit tired and if I continued on, there was a good chance I would have missed most of the transport routes that would have taken me directly back to 尾道市 (I started close to eleven in the morning and I had already spent a good few hours getting to where I was).

I slowly peddled my way to Setoda Port, feeling more and more drained as I carried on.

Eventually I reached where I was meant to.
There was an hour until the next ferry came.

I waited around a while, then went to have a look at the three story pagoda nearby.
I carried the bike up a flight of stairs, then chained it up and walked the rest of the way.
Once I reached the pagoda, I spent a few minutes admiring its magnificence before heading back to the port.

Back at the port, I saw a huge fly.

The ferry arrived a few minutes later.

I hopped on and was promptly ripped off by about ¥500.
I spent a few minutes arguing with the two people running the ferry about the price, pointing out that a map that advertised their service (it was a map for the しまなみ海道 Bikeway) advertised their price as being cheaper.
It did say the price was an approximate, but the version of the map was from 2014. It’s a bit of a jump as it was almost double the original price.
They spoke to each other and laughed as I went back to sit in my seat, feeling angry.

Soon I was back at 尾道市.
By this point I was feeling quite exhausted and weak.
My throat had become sore as well.

I don’t think it really would have had much to do with the cycle or hydration levels as I was doing okay, but then again, I can’t rule that out.

When I got back to the hostel, one of the owners told me that Gabe had left early and asked me if I knew why.
I told them that he wanted to head back to Tokyo early, but I didn’t know if that was the case or not.

When I got back to my room, the guy I didn’t like told me as well.

After a few minutes of resting, he asked me how much I paid for the room.
I told him roughly what I paid (as I couldn’t remember).
He told me that he paid less because he used a Japanese site, then showed me.
I said I didn’t care (I didn’t as I was more interested in resting at the time).

After a while he left the room.
Soon after, one of the owners came in and asked me again as to why Gabe left.
I told them I didn’t know.
They asked me if something happened between him and the crazy guy (this was roughly how they referred to the guy I didn’t like).
I told them I didn’t know.

Once they left, I went back to resting.

About ten to fifteen minutes later, the guy I didn’t like came back in, grabbed his stuff and left.

I sent a message to Gabe advising him what was going on as I was wondering (quite angrily) what he had done.

Soon after the guy left, there was an argument outside the hostel that went on for a very long time.

Once it ended, the other owner came up and apologised.
I said it was okay and that I just wanted to sleep.
They asked if I knew if anything happened with Gabe.
I told them I didn’t.
I also told them that their hospitality had been fine.

In the morning my throat felt worse.
On the plus side, I didn’t feel exhausted anymore.

I checked out around 8:20 in the morning as I wanted to try and spend as little of the daytime traveling as I possibly could.

The owners asked about Gabe as I checked out.
I told them the same as I had previously.

I went to the station and after waiting a while, I successfully managed to miss my train by not getting on it as I was unsure if it was the right train or not, despite it clearly being the right train.

I still managed to reach Tokyo early.
It just wasn’t as early as I had hoped.

The trip involved one local train (I think it was local) and two 新幹線 (Shinkansen).
I was still enjoying traveling on them, but I didn’t feel as fascinated as I previously had.
I think that maybe this had to do with it being the last day I could use my JR Pass.

I think I felt the same way when heading to 尾道市, but it wasn’t something that would have been as obvious to me at the time.

It may have also had to do with my being angry with Gabe.

Despite how flat I’ve made the events after his leaving the hostel early sound, it was a bit more intense and he didn’t have to deal with any of it.

I don’t think anything would have happened had he stayed.

I was also angry as he didn’t seem to bother with checking the place out and left after I paid for him for two nights.

Once I was in Tokyo I made my way to Asakusabashi as that was where the next hostel was (Anne Hostel Asakusabashi).

It didn’t take long to find.

I went upstairs to check in (their reception is not on the ground floor).
I told them I was checking in under Gabe’s booking as the second person.

Gabe popped his head around the corner.

I was having trouble talking due to my throat still being sore, so, for the benefit of not making it worse, I carefully chose my words and said something highly aggressive, which clearly was the most sensible thing I could have said.

Gabe had a shocked look on his face.

The staff at reception noticed, so I assured them I wasn’t going to do anything.

As they were taking my details down, I was telling Gabe what happened, slightly exaggerating about my getting asked questions.
I don’t know why. I was pretty angry.

Then the staff provided me with the cost for the booking for both of us.
I thought it had already been paid for and they said that it hadn’t.
I told Gabe that he said he was going to pay.
He said that he figured we should split in half.
I told him that he said was going to pay again and also that I’d paid more for accommodation on the trip than he had.
He reminded me that he gave me money for his bed in the hut on Mount Fuji.
At this point, voices were elevated and my throat was suffering because of my brilliant plan of refusing to remain calm.
I told him I didn’t have the money to pay for both of us.
He said the same.

I asked the staff if I could use a laptop to transfer money (as I still had some I could convert).
Once I was done I had to head to the 7-Eleven nearby to pull the money out as they did not accept card payment there.

Once I had come back, I was still angry but not as much.
It went back up pretty quickly.

Gabe offered to give me half of the cost then. I told him, in an angry tone, not to worry about it.

We started arguing about what had happened in 尾道市 again.
When he said “I’m sorry, but I don’t see how any of it has to do with me”, I became even angrier.
I think I had the right to be angry about what had happened, but nowhere near as angry as I was at the time.
With that being said, Gabe’s apology should not have been a non-apology.

We went back and forth for a little bit longer before Gabe said “You just want to have a whinge”, and then, after a few more exchanged words, “You need to grow up”.

I told him not to say another word to me during the trip.

The problem I had here is that he didn’t care.
If he did, he was incredibly good at not showing it.

I had been getting more and more frustrated with Gabe over the duration of the trip and I’m guessing it all came out at that point, but I will admit that, despite how he was about the whole thing, it was a stupid argument to have and could have been handled much better by both of us.

Once I had been shown the room I was staying in, I dropped my stuff off and headed out to Akihabara.
It didn’t seem like very far to walk and it wasn’t.
I spent a bit of time there, looking for stuff to buy  before heading back to the hostel.

However, I was only back for a short period as I headed out again to have dinner with a friend of mine (the same who told me about the しまなみ海道 Bikeway) as she was in Japan for a few more days before heading back to Australia.

We ate (I had beef tongue and enjoyed it but am fine with not eating it again), drank, and talked for a while before walking around Tokyo Station so she could show me the Tokyo Station Hotel, a hotel that was grand in design.

Unfortunately, despite hanging out for a few hours, it felt as though it was too brief.

Still, it helped me feel more relaxed.

I headed back to the hostel, feeling tired and fell asleep very quickly once I was in bed.


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