Japan trip: From the Fifth day in Miyajimaguchi to the First day in Onomichi

I woke up somewhere around five-thirty in the morning.
I got up and made my way to the bathroom to use the toilet.
Two of the people having shots were there cleaning the bathroom.

I’m fairly certain they told me that one of them threw up all over the bathroom.

Whilst there were some small marks on a wall, at that point they’d done a pretty good job of cleaning up.

One of them had woken up outside not knowing how he got there.
He had all his possessions he had on him before he woke up outside except for his shoes.
As he couldn’t get back inside the front, he scaled the building to get back in as he figured it was better than dying outside in the cold.

As he couldn’t remember how he got outside, he was going to ask the third guy having shots when he woke up.

The one who threw up managed to lose their glasses and wallet somewhere in the hostel and couldn’t find them.

The reasons as to why I was only fairly certain they told me about the throwing up all over the bathroom is that I didn’t hear them completely clearly and that, when I told them they’d cleaned up my vomit and pointed out where it was, they said “That was yours?”.

I told them that that was all that was mine, then apologised and thanked them.

That they had also cleaned just about everything around the sinks also contributed to my certainty.

I tried to get a bit more sleep after that.

I’m not sure if I did or didn’t, but I do know I escaped without a hangover.

I don’t drink often.
When I do, it’s usually one or two drinks at most.
However, I have been known to get off my face from time to time.
Somehow I’ve been lucky enough to have a hangover once.
It was not a fun morning.

Anyway, eventually I got up and went downstairs to assess damage.
The place was actually okay. It was mostly bits of rubbish on the ground and empty glasses.
Gabe was already awake and doing his own thing.
I started cleaning as I felt it was the least I could do to keep the place looking orderly.
I saw a table tennis paddle with bite marks and remembered that the guy who woke up outside had bitten it for some reason.

I found his shoes sitting next to the table tennis table, then took them to what I assumed was his bed and put them there for him.

When one of the staff showed up, I asked to use their vacuum to help clean.
They said it was alright, but I insisted on doing so.
It was quick work and in very little time, the downstairs area was clean again.

I went back upstairs to have a shower and get ready to check out and make my way to 尾道 (Onomichi).
Jay was awake around this point, so I asked him about what happened after I went to sleep.
He told me that not much had happened and everyone went to bed soon after, but someone had thrown up in the bathroom sink and it stunk out the whole floor.

I admitted that it was me.

He seemed surprised when I told him, then asked why I didn’t do it in the toilet.
I told him I didn’t make it and that I only got a bit on the door and the rest in the sink.
He told me that everyone on that floor was so angry when they discovered it.

I couldn’t help but laugh.

With a smile on his face, Jay called me an asshole.

He then told me about how someone was throwing up in their bed during the night as well.

Now, I can’t remember if this happened during the previous day or not, so I’ll mention it here.
Gabe went to the bakery, then came back with food.
I was pretty happy.

Soon it was time to check out. Jay, two other people and I were heading to Hiroshima together. Gabe was going to wait around Miyajimaguchi as his friend was coming to head out to 厳島(Itsukushima), so he was going to hang out with him.

Jay, the two others and I headed first to the bakery to get something to eat, then caught our train.
Sadly I had to say goodbye to them as they were going to the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum and I was heading straight to 尾道.

The trip there from Hiroshima was very easy.
I had a bit of difficulty finding the hostel there though.

After spending somewhere around forty minutes walking up and down a mall and through some small alleys looking for it, I stopped for a few minutes.
Wondering where it was, I then immediately noticed it was in front of me and I had walked past it multiple times.

As I was checking in, the owners said they liked my shirt (it was the same one that the staff at Backpackers Miyajima like).
They recognised some of the imagery on it as being Australian.
I told them who was on my shirt and what they were famous for.

When I was heading to my room, I saw pictures from fishing trips.
Some of the photos were taken around Australia, showing how they recognised some of the stuff on my shirt.

I had a brief rest and used the time to send Gabe the directions to get to the hostel.
Then I headed out to see where the cycle track started.

I could see a large bridge, so I made my way there.
I noticed that whilst the town was somewhat small, it saw a fair bit of traffic pass through.
It makes me wonder if it was a popular spot to visit or if it was another town to pass through.

Once I reached the underside of the bridge, I couldn’t see a direct way up. Thinking that it was probably a bit further on, I continued walking.

I soon went up a road that looked like it might lead to the bridge and spent a little while walking through a quiet portion of the area.

Eventually I reached the road that ran across the bridge. There didn’t appear to be anywhere to cycle on it which left me wondering as to how I was going to do the ride in the morning.

I began to walk away from the bridge to try and find a faster route to where I was staying than going back the way I came.
As I was doing this, I checked a map to work out where I was.
Seeing that the fastest way back was to turn around, I walked a bit further and caught a taxi to the station.

Shortly after getting back to the hostel, a guy was coming out of the room I was staying in. He spoke to me and mentioned Gabe as he had arrived.
He then pointed out that Gabe was big and asked if he was my brother.
I said yes.

I did not like this person.

I asked Gabe if he had any trouble finding the hostel.
He said he didn’t, but he did miss the stop and ended up waiting a while for another train.
He also told me he found out what happened to the guy who woke up outside.
He went outside to urinate and couldn’t get back in afterwards.

I had been looking at some of the tourist stuff and that was at the hostel and saw there was a temple walk in the area that ran past twenty-five temples.
I told Gabe that I might do it a bit later.
I checked a cycling map to see where the track started and saw that I went in the wrong direction.
After that, I decided to go and look for food to bring back and eat, so I headed out again.

I walked past the station for a little while and came across a store I found interesting, but I didn’t see any food that looked appealing.

From there, I made my way to where I thought the temple walk started, stopping at a place that made enchiladas to get something in me on the way.

I didn’t see all the temples as it was starting to get dark when I got started.
What I did see was nice.
Each temple and shrine had a good feeling to it.
None of it seemed menacing or out of place and the order of them was fine.

A cat came up to me near one, seemingly looking for food.
Unfortunately I did not have food to offer.
I then wondered if it was actually a cat or if it was something more.

I saw another one resting on the front of a temple, minding its own business.

Once I was done, I saw that there was an observation point nearby, so I made my way there.
It was a bit of a steep climb, but it was worth it.

Night had fallen by this point, but the view I had was still nice.
The lights in town provided a pleasing glow.
Combined with 尾道城 (Onomichi Castle) nearby, the view became almost serene.

Once I felt it was time to head back, I made my way down and returned to the hostel.

I told Gabe about what I saw and recommended he checked it out in the morning.

I was still hungry and asked Gabe if he wanted to come out and try and find somewhere to eat with me.

He wanted to keep resting, so I headed out on my own.

The first place I tried wouldn’t take me as I was going to be eating alone.
The second place I tried was a success.
I had a quick, yet satisfying meal and then headed back to the hostel to sleep.


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