Japan Trip: From the Fourth day in Osaka to the First day in Kyoto

After waking up, I decided to go for another wander around the area to see what else I could see before it was time to go and head off to the city known as Kyoto where more of the journey, also known as trip, that I was engaging in at that particular point of my life, would be experienced first-hand as I would be in that location at that point in time due to my traveling there later in the day than the particular time it was when I got up to wander in the morning to see more of Osaka  instead of staying in bed and not doing anything as, considering this was my first time in Japan as well as my first time overseas (I hadn’t been outside of New South Wales, The Australian Capital Territory, Victoria or Adelaide before {flying into South Australia doesn’t really count as when I went to Adelaide, I remained there as the trip was only for a weekend to attend two gigs [Both were for The Mark of Cain supported by various bands during the 2013 election weekend {The results of the election did put a slight dampener on the mood of the second gig but it seemed to lift pretty quickly}, something that gave an excuse to spend a weekend away from home], whereas I’ve seen a lot of NSW, ACT, and VIC}, so not only was it my first time heading overseas but also the farthest I’ve traveled from Sydney), I wanted to see as much as I could.

I was feeling much less sore which made going up and down stairs a significantly less difficult prospect.

Early on into my walk, I saw a pigeon walking along.

I followed it for a few minutes until it decided to fly away.

I thought it was odd for a pigeon to choose to walk away instead of fly, but I enjoyed the time I spent following it.

Shortly after leaving behind my apparent pigeon-stalking tendencies, I came across 生國魂神社 (Ikukunitama Shrine) and got to spend part of it being attractive towards mosquitoes.

I prayed there and looked around, admiring the layout and the feeling that it wasn’t in the city.

After leaving there, I walked further away from the hostel.

I heard that Richard Ramirez died that day from natural causes.
I heard it multiple times.
It wasn’t the first time I heard that Richard Ramirez had died of natural causes and it certainly wasn’t the last.

Perhaps Richard Ramirez dies from natural causes continuously, stuck in a cycle of revival and death.

Perhaps Richard Ramirez is forever dying from natural causes over and over again due to his crimes and to be stuck in this cycle is merely a minuscule penance he must endure until he can truly atone for being the Night Stalker, assuming his interest lies in atonement.

Perhaps we must all remember where we were when Richard Ramirez died of natural causes, for that is the only way to end this cycle and truly remove Richard Ramirez.

There will always be those who had been affected far more than others from his actions, as there will always be a varying impact that a single action can have on another life.

Truly we cannot always measure how we will change the course of a life, nor can we always be aware that we would be doing so during the moment of occurrence.

Surely Richard Ramirez was aware to an extent of how he was changing the lives of other people before he was caught and before he died of natural causes that were caused naturally.

Or were they?

I ended up coming across 四天王寺支院, which was part of . I thought it was a tomb at the time as I remember seeing a sign for a tomb nearby.

I’m guessing the death for whomever the tomb belonged to was caused naturally by the meeting of shaped metals and proud neck.

Generally those types of meeting end up with complicated results.

The two shrines I had come across that morning both had very different environmental feels.

As mentioned before, 生國魂神社 felt as though it was not in the city.
四天王寺支院 felt removed from the city, but not away from it.

大江神社 (Ōe Shrine) was very close by.

Whilst it didn’t feature the largest structures I had seen at that point, it felt larger than it was, but not imposing.

It was relaxing to look upon. This may have had to do with the weather at the time (It was sunnier than it had been during the previous few days).

I’m guessing that the main part of the duality I feel I am recognising here is that whilst one was more of a rejection of the city, the other was more of an acceptance.

After a while, I had to make my way back. Whilst I had spent a fair bit of time walking, I hadn’t gone too far away from the hostel, so the trip back was shorter than I expected.

When I got back, I had a brief rest before readying my belongings and subsequently heading off with Tim and Gabe.

Before going on my walk in the morning, I looked for the best way to get to Kyoto.

It advised to go via Shin-Osaka Station.

We went via Osaka Station instead.

I don’t think it made much of a difference, but it did throw me off until we were on the train that connected us to Kyoto.

Whilst at Osaka, we stopped for a quick meal.

I had a tandoori chicken burger.

I have had tandoori chicken before, but not in a burger.

It was enjoyable for what it was.

As Tim was going to be using a different hostel, Gabe and I began to make plans for drinks and dinner with him and the guy who went to Kyoto a couple of days before us.

Shortly after eating, we caught a 新快速 (special rapid service) on the JR Kyoto line.

The trip into Kyoto was mostly quiet and spent looking out the windows, absorbing as much of the scenery as possible.

We reached Kyoto Station pretty quickly (about twenty-five minutes after departing from Osaka Station).

Gabe and I parted with Tim as our destinations were in different directions.
We traveled to 五条駅 (Gojō Station) as our next hostel, Guest House Ikoi-no-ie, was closer to that Station than others.

After a few minutes of leaving the station, Gabe wondered if we were heading in the right direction (as we had to head down what seemed to be a small lane).

It turned out we were.

Once we reached the guest house, we saw a sign saying that reception was a slight bit further on.

It turned out we were staying in another guest house that the staff ran.

This ended up being favourable to us as there was only a minute difference in the amount of time we would have to spend getting around and the bike garage for the guest houses was almost directly outside of the one we were staying in.

We dropped our stuff off in our room (the last private one for the trip).
Soon after, I headed off to reception to rent a bike.
Gabe decided to stay behind and rest.

I chose to rent an older bike they had as it was cheaper than a newer one.

The staff told me that there was a castle nearby.

Deciding it would be worth checking out, I headed off in the direction they pointed me in and soon after I missed the castle without realising.

This paid off as I found something that made me much happier than seeing the castle would have: 鴨川 (the Kamo River).

I followed it as far to the north, stopping briefly to take some photos and subsequently getting water in my boots and turning  around when I thought I couldn’t go any farther (I’m pretty sure I couldn’t go farther as it seemed as though the path stopped, but I’m not certain).

Then I went as far south as I thought I could.

It was quite happy to be cycling along that river.

Cycling around 河口湖 (Lake Kawaguchi) was great but I felt this was much better.
It probably has to do with having a lot more time to cycle than I did at the lake.

I was so happy that what little pain I still had from climbing Mount Fuji become a non-issue.

Once I thought I couldn’t go south anymore, I turned around and made my way back.

Getting back to the guest house was really easy as it was closer to 鴨川 than I thought.

Once I hit the city area, I was only a few minutes away.

I put the bike back in the garage and dropped the keys off at reception before heading to my room and telling Gabe about the cycle.

He recommended I have a bath (as there was a bath in our guest house), so I did.

I was already feeling pretty relaxed, but the bath took it further.

I hadn’t had a bath in years and I kind of missed having the option to have them when I wanted (I don’t have a bath tub at home), so I spent a fair bit of time in the water.

Once I came out and was back in the room, I set up a group for Gabe, Tim, the guy and I to communicate about meeting up.

I waited a while before I decided to head out for food and drink.
Gabe wanted to stay behind and rest, so I headed out and navigated my way into what I thought was the food area.

I walked around for a while, looking for something until I eventually settled on a place that did curry.

It was a good curry I had, although I feel it could have been hotter.

Anyway, after eating I went to an Irish pub.

Before eating, I spent part of my time looking for food looking for a pub that looked popular, but I wasn’t able to find anything.

I was interested in the idea of going to an Irish pub, but it wasn’t my first option as I’ve been to a few.

Anyway, I ended up at one after eating as I couldn’t find anything that looked popular and it was close by.

When I went in and took a seat, they offered me a menu.

I chose an aged whiskey. They asked if I wanted it dry, to which I said yes.

It came to me in a champagne glass and with a glass of water next to it.

I didn’t understand as to why they gave me the glass of water until I started drinking the whiskey.

I’m not too familiar with whiskey.
I enjoyed the taste of what I was drinking.
It didn’t feel rough but it was very strong.

I slowly alternated between drinking both so I wouldn’t end up being drunk.

After leaving, I made my way back to the guest house.

I liked how Kyoto felt so much more relaxed than Osaka and Tokyo.

It still had a certain business to it, but it was much more laid-back to me.

When I returned to the guest house, I spoke to a German guy.
I can’t remember most of the conversation, but I do remember him telling me about how he worked with some Australians and noticed they liked saying “fair enough” a lot.
I responded with “fair enough”.

I went to sleep shortly after.


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  1. lulu says:

    You are quite the story teller. BTW, Kyoto is ever so much more beautiful and real than big city Japan.


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