Altocumulus stratiformis 2

Here are two pictures I took of clouds whilst I was at the bridge I cycled to for photography purposes.

I like how they turned out.

The clouds remind me of chrome, or at least something that has a strong visual hardness.
I feel that the contrast between the clouds and the sky is part of what makes the clouds appear this way.

It might also have to do with me using a custom setting.

I’m quite certain that these are Altocumulus stratiformis clouds.
They look far closer to them than the previous ones I uploaded here.

However, If they aren’t then please let me know.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy.

IMG_5353 IMG_5355


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I'm some guy that does stuff. The standards. Creating amazing effigies, scaling mountains using my feet only and replacing the very fabric of reality. Serious time! I enjoy writing. I make music in some of my spare time. Currently working somewhat full time and studying as well. Also working on self-improvement. Hoping to one day fill the internet with enough insane ramblings to impress a cannibal rat ship. I have a page called MS Paint Masterpieces that you may be interested in checking out.
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