Five-hundred Word Challenge 23: It’s cold

It’s cold today.
Really cold.

I’m somewhat glad that my office has air conditioning.
It’s useful as a temporary reprieve but I don’t like how it gets your body used to a temperature that is only going to be temporary.

Maybe I should invest in a heater.
I don’t know.

Currently I’m torn between going up the road to get dinner and staying at home to cook instead.

I’m feeling too lazy to cook, but at the same time too lazy to go up the road in the cold to get food.
It would probably be warmer to stay at home and cook something easy, but at the same time it requires cooking when I could go up the road and get a filthy burger.
That involves being cold for fifteen minutes or more though.
Also, the burgers aren’t that filthy.
Somewhat disappointing but it’s certainly not the worst thing that could possibly happen in the world.

Despite it being winter, I’m surprised as to how cold it is in Sydney currently.

Some people talked about how we had a hot Summer this year, but I’m not sure if it was any worse than the past few years.
It seemed pretty average to me.
This winter has seemingly been colder than usual though.

I don’t think I’ve been so unwilling to get out from under the blankets in a long time.
However, it might just be my mind telling me that it is colder than usual and perhaps it might actually just be average.

Maybe it’s a drier cold than usual.

Oh well.

At the end of the day, it’s just cold weather that we have to bear.

It’s not as cold as it is in Canberra or in Katoomba.

Speaking of which, I’ll be in Katoomba on Saturday morning, getting up at five A.M. so I can take pictures of Mount Solitary during sunrise.
I’ll then be taking pictures at midday and sunset as I want to capture it at different points throughout the day.

When Ewe and I were in Katoomba in February I took a few photos of Mount Solitary.
However, the photos had dust throughout them as there was a lot of dust in the sensor.
This frustrated me as I felt the photos were some of the best I had taken so far.

I decided to try and capture Mount Solitary at different times of day once the sensor was dust free and whilst it has taken a few months, I’m finally going to be doing this.

I’m not looking forward to the early wake due to how cold and dark it will be, but I do believe that it is very much worth the effort.

Hopefully the photos turn out well.

The early walk will be nice as well. I’ll be able to see parts of Katoomba and Leura before it begins waking up in full.

I just now have to make sure I’m prepared to experience this.

I think it will be good.

The time it took to write five-hundred words: 9:58:63
Just under ten minutes.
I’m quite happy with this, but I think I can go faster still.
I think I’m going to wrap myself in blankets as whilst it’s cold, it’s an easily solvable issue.
At least in the short-term.


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