Five-hundred Word Challenge 3: Sydney Public Transport

Whilst I was waiting for a train at Wynyard Station yesterday morning a lady came up to me for a survey about Sydney Trains.

Being the professional person that I am, I decided that, for all the years of service I’ve received from public transport in Sydney it would only be appropriate that I told the lady exactly what I thought.

I told her it was overpriced, inefficient and that I hoped to not have to use the public transport system of Sydney for much longer.

That may seem unfair but the public transport of Sydney is, in my opinion, lacking.

And why change the name of CityRail to Sydney Trains? We know they are trains. We know that they are in Sydney.

Were they worried people would start thinking we’d be riding a MONGOOSE?!

But I digress.

You know what really grinds my gears?

Having to spend almost ninety minutes traveling a short distance on public transport.
In the last two weeks there have been three occasions where I’ve been traveling by bus and it’s taken me far longer than it should to reach my destination.

For two of them (traveling from work to home) the first bus was running rather late which meant the second bus was missed which led to spending more time than usual waiting for another bus.

On the remaining occasion I was heading to uni. My first bus came on time. When I was waiting for my second bus, it pulled into the stop then left before I could get on. I didn’t see the doors open either.

I’ve had a lot of experiences with buses in Sydney (such as chasing a bus for a block because the driver supposedly didn’t see me even though the doors were shut just before I could get on a bus so I was quite visible) that have me asking why anyone would settle for something that is not working properly.

I can cycle to and from work but to be doing that regularly I need to build up to it and as I don’t own a car I still rely on the public transport we have here.

Unfortunately some people don’t have the choice though.

The buses are at least somewhat cheaper than the trains.
The trains usually run on time though.

The buses seem to run on a timetable not available to the public at times.
There is no real reason for buses that are quite empty to run fifteen minutes late frequently.

I know this doesn’t happen all the time. It is common though.

And yes, I do think the trains suck a lot as well.

The rail system is in a dire need of an upgrade. Track work used to be far less common than it is now. When ticket prices go up it makes me wonder if the cost of maintaining a system past its use-by date is being put on the customers.

Sydney’s public transport needs an overhaul.

Hopefully it happens soon.

The time it took to write five-hundred words: 25:49:54

I worked slower on this one as I’m a fair bit tired.


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