Interstellar Review

I enjoyed it but I didn’t think it was good.

I found the soundtrack to be too loud and at parts unnecessary. Some moments could have had a greater intensity to them without music.

I’m left a bit confused by the need for booster rockets only once. Maybe I missed something.

I found a certain line near the end during a very dramatic sequence to be ridiculously cheesy. If anyone is wondering, it’s during a scene when the main characters are in space.

I understood the ending but did not appreciate how it seemed to treat the audience like idiots and felt that the addition of something that feels completely irrelevant takes away a lot of the mystery and leaves one to groan. Maybe I’m reading too much into it though.

The explanation of how wormholes work was fine. Explaining it again immediately after in an incredibly basic manner was, I imagine, for the audiences benefit, but again seemed to treat the audience like idiots.

Also, why was the wormhole near Saturn?

Silence in space was appreciated.

The theories explored in the film were thought-provoking.

The black hole was well-designed and looked believable.

There were more things I liked and disliked but I don’t feel like typing out a lengthy post.

As said before, I enjoyed it but I didn’t think it was good.

However, I do recommend seeing it.


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