On the Hostage Situation Yesterday

As some of you may already be aware, yesterday there people held hostage in the Lindt café at Martin Place in the Sydney CBD.

It ended with not an entirely desirable outcome (two hostages killed), but it was far better than what I imagine a lot of people felt would happen.

I think the police force did a wonderful job.
It was a long haul but they managed to appear patient and calm. Obviously they didn’t have too many options but they did what they could. I’m glad they acted quickly when shots were fired and were able to take out the gunman quickly, although I wish it could’ve been resolved peacefully.

Channel Seven respecting the request made by the police force to stop live coverage was good. It was also good that most media outlets keeping speculation to a minimum.

I have great respect for those that have shown support for the Muslim community.
Understanding that the actions of the gunman do not represent the community goes a long way.

I have far less respect for The Daily Telegraph for publishing a “special 2p.m. edition” with the cover article being titled “Death Cult CBD Attack” well before we knew who the gunman was as it was one of the most sensationalistic moves I’ve seen in a long time.

Unfortunately I fear that this event will be forgotten easily. It is by no means the worst thing to happen in the history of the world, let alone Australia. However, it should serve as a reminder; not out of fear, but assurance, that although something like this can happen anywhere, it can be resolved.

Also, I imagine that Tony Abbott will get a minor rise in popularity. I am of the opinion that if he does, it is not warranted as he did nothing in regards to the event, save a speech or two. With that being said, there is no reason to dislike him more, as it was not his position to do anything, other than to choose to speak to the gunman (as per one of his demands) or not.

To the families that lost a member: It is truly saddening that this happened. I know many have gone to Martin Place to pay tribute to those affected. Hopefully this provides some comfort for you.


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