Nick Cave: Live at the State Theatre 14/12/2014

Well, it was good.

However, there’s a a couple of things I’d like to mention.

Nick Cave appeared to enjoy playing more recent songs (from the last ten years) far more than he did the older, although he did appear to get right into “Red Right Hand”. He seemed to be going through the motions for a lot of it, so I feel he should focus entirely on newer material.

I also think he should switch to smaller venues. There’s not anything wrong with playing large theatres but I don’t think Nick Cave should be performing in them for a little while. I think something smaller would be a good thing for him. I can’t explain why; it’s how I feel.

Maybe I think he’s lacking a bit of bite and something less spacious would bring it out of him because he still seems to have some sort of intensity in him that he’s trying to repress.

Other than that, as said before, it was good.

This isn’t that interesting, but at one point there was a guy next to me who would go from saying that Nick Cave was a shadow of his former self to praising him.


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