Annoyance at a Plumber

Last week on Monday I did not go into work due to feeling ill.

As I was home I decided it would be a good idea to try and organise for the kitchen tap to be fixed as it had been leaking from the handle (something I mentioned in a general update last month; I forgot I had mentioned it when I started writing this), so I called the plumber for my real estate and told him about the issue. He advised me he was in North Sydney all day but he’d have someone come out and check it.

Our tap had been leaking for a few months now and the real estate had known about it since September. It was gradually getting worse so I was a bit annoyed they hadn’t done anything about it (probably due to the place being up for sale, but it still should’ve been fixed).

Anyway, no one came out.

I called the plumber around 5:30 to ask what happened.
He told me he needed to speak to the real estate first and would come out on Tuesday around lunch time.

By about 2:45 on Tuesday I asked one of my housemates if the plumber had been around (as I was at work). I was advised that he hadn’t, so I called him up. He told me he was waiting for the service order to arrive and would contact me as soon as he had it.

On Wednesday evening we had heavy rainfall. It was heavy enough to cause one of the light fixtures in the living room to start leaking heavily. We switched off the power to the house due to safety concerns and tried to get as much water out of the carpet as possible (as one of my housemates was in the living room and didn’t notice it had started, so it had been a short period before anything was done). Once it stopped, power went back on. Luckily enough there was little damage and the water seemed to be coming from behind the light fixture. The upstairs bedroom directly above the living room was dry, so unfortunately we were unable to locate the source of the leak.

I took Thursday off to try and get the leak looked into as well as following up on the leaking tap. When I spoke to my agent at the real estate he advised me that they had sent the work order to the plumber and didn’t know why he hadn’t been out yet. I told him about the light fixture leaking. He said he’d get the plumber to look at that as well (which I found odd as although the bathroom is also upstairs, the pipe for it is about five metres away from where the leak was visible and goes down). At the end of the conversation he told me he’d speak to the plumber and then call me back.

At about 5:02 I called the real estate back as I hadn’t heard anything. I was told by reception I’d be called back in a moment. About six minutes later I received a call from a different agent at the real estate (as mine had finished for the day) telling me that the plumber was going to come out but they only found just prior to returning my call that he wouldn’t be coming out anymore.

I then decided the sensible and mature thing would be to start arguing with the agent.
Whilst telling him I wasn’t angry at the real estate, part of me was as even though they didn’t know the plumber would decide not to come out, I still wish they had called me earlier in the day to advise me that he would be. I would’ve at least had an approximate time and not been at home for most of it (I headed out briefly to get lunch).

I told the agent I still expected the plumber to come out that evening as this was not satisfactory and my housemates as well as myself were going to be away from the house for December as of the following day (which wasn’t quite true). The agent said that there was nothing they could do. I told them that it was still not good enough as the plumber had known about it since Monday and the real estate had known about it for a few months (which they had when they conducted an inspection).

The agent said that despite this, anything could have come up with the plumber that put them in a position to not be able to come out.

I told the agent that the leaking tap, whilst not having a major affect, has been costing us money and that the leaking light could be dangerous. The agent responded by saying that they didn’t want to cost us money and they wanted to get these fixed quickly.

I said that I expected the plumber to be out that evening as these were serious.
The agent responded by saying that although they would get these fixed quickly, the real estate didn’t consider these emergency problems.

At this point, I became a fair bit angrier. I brought up the possibility of an electrical fire as well as it being disappointing considering they’ve known about the tap for months.

Eventually they said they’d send the order to the plumber again. About 15 minutes later, I received a message from the plumber advising he would be around on Friday. As Je was going to be home until 12:20 in the afternoon, I responded advising that I could only guarantee someone would be home until 11:50. He responded by saying he’d be out around 10.

A different plumber with an apprentice showed up late but they fixed the tap with a new one. Reversed the hot and cold position on it as well.

Yesterday I found out that the aerator had been loosely screwed in as it decided to give in to water pressure and detached from the tap. I was glad it was an easy fix.

They also fixed our toilet as it was leaking from the cistern pipe whenever we’d flush and attached a new flush button (as Al managed to flush it one time he had food poisoning). The plumbers thought the light leak came from the bathroom as well, but I still have a hard time believing this due to having it happen only in heavy rain and not at any other time.

Anyway, come Wednesday and we had heavy rain. I was able to witness the light starting to leak. I found it interesting to watch despite being annoyed. We already had a large bowl underneath it as a precautionary measure though so we ended up with a relatively dry carpet underneath it.

Whilst I do enjoy having an occasional water feature in the living room, I do hope it gets fixed soon.


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