Dress Code 2014

A few weeks ago we were sent out a copy of the dress code.
Out of curiosity I checked to see when the last one had been sent as I still had it.

It had been a year and a day so I’ve decided to make a follow up post a year and a day after the last time I wrote about the dress code.

I’ve noticed that it mentions nothing about males wearing female clothing (or vice versa) and it made me wonder what would happen if a male came to work wearing a dress or a skirt. I know that the manager who prefers to remain in their office would most likely become quite irate and organise for the dress code to be changed again.

Despite my wanting to do so to fully test what would happen, I also take issue with this as it would be detrimental to someone who identified as the opposite gender and could lead to discrimination issues (although our dress code discriminates a fair bit already but that’s for another time). I wouldn’t put it past that manager to not care if the concern was raised though.

If a male came in wearing a dress because they identified as a female, they would either be sent home, taken into the meeting room for disciplinary action or both. If they advised that they identified as a female, they would most likely be treated as though they were making a mockery of the dress code.

The same thing would happen to a female if they were pulled into the meeting room for violating the dress code in a similar manner.

I know it might not seem like a major thing, but to me it seems a quite backwards.


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