Another work thing

One of my work colleagues had been thinking of resigning for a while.
He was quite over how our company operates and treats floor staff, but he hadn’t resigned yet as he was waiting for a better opportunity to come across.

About ten days ago he wasn’t in a great mood at the start of the day. He’d seen an email advising what our Christmas party was and that the staff would be paying for part of it if they chose to attend. To say he was disappointed would be a bit of an understatement.

I wasn’t excited by the announcement myself but I was less vocal about it.

Anyway, a couple of hours before lunch, one of the employees for the client we work for had come in. As far as I’m aware, he’s never introduced himself to most of the floor staff so not many people know who he is beyond his name and title and no one really cares either.

When he’s in the office, he’ll hello to everyone. It is said with enough obvious indifference in his voice that it overrides the gesture entirely, revealing how little he appreciates us.
It’s part of the reason as to why no one really cares about him.

When the client guy was last in, he came and said hello to everyone.
My colleague that had been thinking of resigning was facing his computer trying to finish off some work related to a call (when a call is taken we’re meant to get work related to it completed quickly as it generally takes priority) he had just finished, so he ignored the guy.

Client guy noticed this and wasn’t quite happy with it. He said ‘hello” directly to my colleague. My colleague didn’t respond. Client guy leaned towards him and said “hello” a bit more forcefully. My colleague didn’t respond. Client guy leaned in further and said “hello” with more aggression in his voice, as though he was angry that someone was disobeying an order he was giving out. My colleague didn’t respond. Client guy then leaned in further again and said “you”. My colleague didn’t respond.

Client guy went back to standing straight and in a rather insulting manner said “Are you going deaf?”. He was quite angry at this stage and wasn’t attempting to hide it. My colleague said “no”. Client guy then said “You don’t say hello to people?”. My colleague said “I don’t say hello to strangers”, or something to similar effect. Client guy then stated his position as though it would immediately command respect. My colleague didn’t respond. Client guy then walked off.

A bit closer to lunch, my colleague was called into the meeting room with two managers.
After a few minutes you could hear him yelling which, considering how some of the managers act and the things they say, was quite understandable. Then the meeting room door was slammed.

All I know about what happened in the meeting room was that my colleague ended up saying that he resigned and the managers said they didn’t accept his resignation.

The thing I don’t understand is how much of an asshole do you have to be to complain about someone not saying hello? Was client guys ego that badly hurt by someone choosing to focus on their work?

Anyway, my colleague left after talking to another colleague. His resignation was processed the following day.

Client guy hasn’t been in since.


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2 Responses to Another work thing

  1. Chyrel Gomez says:

    Wow. Client guy is such an asshole. I like what your friend said though. I don’t say hello to strangers. Props to him. At least he’s free or something.


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