Lost License

Let me tell you all about how I lost and then found my license!

Not this weekend just past but the previous one I went out drinking with two work colleagues. I wasn’t planning on going as I had a birthday on as well as the opportunity to hang out at Luna Park with a few friends. However, as money was tight, I took the option to go out drinking as I was going to be drinking for free due to where we were going.

Well, it turned out the drinks weren’t free. However, one of the two (K) offered to shout for the night. And from there, it went.

The niece of my other colleague (Am) worked at the pub we were drinking in and Am wanted me to meet her. I thought it an interesting idea. It wasn’t something I was entirely invested in, but still excited about as it meant I’d be meeting new people.

Around drink four, Ams niece arrived. Did the whole introduction thing. Handled it decently as I was only a bit tipsy at this point.

Come drink six, I started to feel a bit drunk. I was somewhat surprised as usually bourbon & coke hits me a bit faster. I went up to speak to Ams niece and after a few sentences, I told her I’d ran out of things to say and left it at that.

After drink eight I was very drunk. It had finally caught up with me. Ams niece approached me and asks me why I was drinking with her aunt. I stood there in silence, trying to think of a witty retort. However, after a good amount of awkward silence, all I could say was “stop taking advantage of my drunkenness. I have nothing witty to say”.

After drink ten, I was close to being too drunk. My last drink for the night was a JD and coke as the bar ran out of bourbon by that stage. I was disappointed, but there was nothing I could do. Besides which, it didn’t bother me that much at the time as I was able to meet people I don’t know, despite my being totally incapable of holding a conversation.

Shortly after a successful journey to get food after leaving the pub, we went our separate ways. I managed to get home, throw my license, debit card, keys and money on the floor, put my jacket over them and went to bed.

Managed to avoid a hangover (something I’m mysteriously good at doing). However, I didn’t have nearly enough sleep so I was quite tired on Sunday.

Ewe, Anna and I were heading off to do the Spit bridge to Manly walk, followed by visiting the Manly art gallery for an exhibition on Midnight Oil they were hosting. I threw everything I left on the ground into my bag and then we headed off.

When we reached Wynyard to change buses, I went to look for my license and debit card as I felt something was off. When I couldn’t find them, I started to panic.

Ewe and Anna told me to wait to do a full bag search until we get to Spit bridge as we’d have more time.

Unfortunately I was unable to find it when we got there.

My panic increased further. I didn’t have the money to replace my license. I didn’t care much about the debit card.

I calmed down about an hour after starting the walk, accepting that there was nothing I could do.

The walk was quite lovely.

So was the exhibition.

I had the day off on Wednesday last week so I used the free time to replace my license. I’d already cancelled my debit card on the Monday and had managed to get some cash to organise the license.

Up to ten business days to be sent out to me.

I was somewhat annoyed by that. It used to be that you would get it ten to fifteen minutes after having your photo taken. Times change though.

Now I was planning on seeing Neurosis on the weekend just past. It was the first time they were going to be in Australia and whilst I don’t like everything they do, I still wanted to see them quite a lot. I have for a while. However, with no license meant I would not be able to get into the venue they were playing as I still am regularly asked for ID, something else that annoys me.

However, I accepted that there was most likely nothing I could do.

On Friday my 3ds broke. I found out it was either a loose or damaged ribbon based on what it was doing (would turn on for a few seconds, make a popping sound and then shut off). This was something that was also annoying, but it was fixable so I didn’t stress over it.

On the way home, I spoke to Fe briefly as he and his partner were going to see Neurosis as well. I told him that he’d better have a good time seeing them on Saturday, to which he replied by telling me he would when he sees them on this Saturday coming.

I found myself very happy as I now had a chance to see them.

When I arrived home, I found my new debit card in the mail. Made me a bit happier as I had a bit more financial flexibility. I then started attempting to pull apart my 3ds and found that my smallest screwdriver was slightly larger than the screws I needed to remove from the part behind the battery. A bit disappointing, but nothing I could do about it at that stage. I put my 3ds on my bedside table and then went to grab my PSP to play Monster Hunter (as I’m a fan).

As I pulled it out of its case, I found my license and my now replaced debit card.

I think I spent ten minutes making frustrated yet relieved sounds.

Come the Saturday just past, I realised what I had done.

I’d placed the license and debit card in my PSP case so I wouldn’t lose them.

So I wouldn’t lose them.

So I wouldn’t lose them.

I told Ewe and Anna this. We found it amusing as when we were at Spit bridge, Ewe suggested I check the case to which I told him it wouldn’t be in it as it only holds the PSP.

It was a good laugh.

And with all that being said, now I get to see Neurosis! Huzzah!

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