Sea and Land

Here’s a photo that I took on Wednesday during my first bush walk of the year, of which due to being an idiot and over-exerting myself, left me feeling ill which lead to me having a sick day yesterday.


I think this is a great view of some of the landscape around me, as well as the ocean / sea.

Everything’s a bit muted in colour, which leaves me feeling as though the image is nicely balanced and a bit more relaxing to view.

I think that the shadow stretching out over the land adds a bit more depth to the view.

I think that the sea and the land make for “A Good Match” when it comes to how the world is shaped, as well as when it comes to photography.

This is my submission into The Daily Post‘s photo challenge for this week.

I hope you enjoy.


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xXx: The Return of Xander Cage Review

Welcome to Vin Diesel’s ego, where it’s the late 90’s / early 2000’s all the time!

There’s action, explosions, dialogue that is as cringe-worthy as it is tolerable…

There’s a lot of praise thrown at Vin Diesel Xander Cage throughout the film due to how legendary he is. People can’t seem to not want to respect him, which is how you know who the bad person will end up being.

Some people are baddies, then not baddies and people who seem to be the main baddies are not the real main baddies.

This is a film that doesn’t take itself seriously and it’s good to see that. It’s good to see the actors having as much fun as they have with this film.

However, a lot of it seems to be a little too much as though it’s going through the motions.

Whilst his action chops are utilised well, once again 甄子丹 is under-utilised as an actor.
The guy is able to be a convincing actor and yet no one seems to notice.

Action scenes, whilst fun are mostly flat outside of a few standout moments. Those moments are wonderfully over the top, but otherwise it’s pretty standard.

Dialogue is mostly underwritten and a little too eager to to remain poor, although the delivery from the actors does improve it somewhat. As this is an action film that doesn’t take itself seriously, this doesn’t need to be close to outstanding in any way, but the problem is that the words aren’t close enough to decent most of the time. They do what they need to do, but they don’t strive for anything other than so-so and cringe-worthy.

The film is shot well for the most part, although sometimes it appears to be a little too obvious when a stunt double is being used, although that somehow adds a little charm to the film.

Overall, I wouldn’t necessarily say don’t see it. I would say that it might not be worth your time. There seems to be a little too much ego stroking and not enough development of everything that should be seen as important.

It’s fun at parts, but otherwise a flat experience.

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Late last year, whilst I was walking to my regular café (I think), I walked past some coils of rope piled upon each other. Liking the pattern, I took the photo that you see below.

This is the photo that I’ve submitted for Leanne Cole‘s Monochrome Madness this week.

If you enjoy monochrome photography on any level, then I suggest you check it out.
If you enjoy photography

Anyway, I hope you enjoy.


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Customer Service Rant

I like working in customer service. There are other things I’d rather do for a job, but as far as working as a customer service rep goes, I think it’s something good in which to work.

It’s not the best job, but it’s a good challenge that can really help develop discipline and patience.

However, what I really like about the job is when I get called a piece of shit for doing my job by providing customer service.

The thing that I find interesting about customer service is that many customers don’t want service because it doesn’t fit with what they think they’re entitled to. They want someone to agree with them and give them what they want as that’s much more preferable to getting a solution.

Well, my job (as well as the job of many others) is to provide a solution or an answer and that is not always going to be what  a customer wants. My job isn’t there to kiss a customer’s entitled ass and bow down to them because they can’t pull their head out of the sand and understand that they’re arrogant little pricks.

Again, this doesn’t apply to all customers. I have the joy of speaking to a lot of wonderful people most of the time and it can sometimes be a bit saddening to not be able to give them everything they want because they’re lovely people, but they understand and accept that they won’t get everything, or sometimes anything. They accept it and move on. They don’t resort to being an asshole to someone because the solution to their issue involves them doing a slight bit of legwork to ensure that they are taken care of as completely as a business can take care of them.

I’ve been on both sides plenty of times. I’ve been a bad customer before which is something I work toward not being anymore as it’s really unfair toward whichever person I’m speaking to when I require service. It’s not a representative’s fault if they’ve given me the best possible information (or solution) that they can.

I also have to consider myself lucky because I don’t have to deal with entitled customers face to face. As often as I have to deal with shitty behaviour, I have to be thankful that it’s only over the phone. Anyone in a store is likely to get it a lot worse than me and they really don’t need to deal with that crap.

Yes, there’s plenty of bad customer service out there, but that doesn’t justify being a prick for no reason. Customers who think they can behave in this way need to rethink their attitudes because all they’re doing is shitting on someone else as they think they should get what they want.

Show a bit more respect because a lot of the people who work in customer service want to help. Making our job more stressful doesn’t make us want to help more.

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An Ox Sculpture

Here’s a sculpture of an ox.

I took this a few weeks ago when I was taking a few long exposures around Circular Quay.

I believe this was set up for the Chinese new year.

I like how it’s illuminated as well as how it’s designed.

I think that it looks pretty interesting in that it has no curves but (to me) it doesn’t look like anything other than an animal.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy.


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Town Hall Clock

Here’s a shot that I took earlier in the week whilst hanging out with Ewe.

I didn’t expect the photo to turn out the way it did, colour-wise. I think that it helps give a strong idea that it’s getting darker and makes the scene feel like rain will fall soon.

It probably is due to rain beginning to fall soon after the photo was taken.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy.


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Newtown Tracks

Whilst I was at Newtown Station waiting for a train, I decided to take a few photos.

This was the best one of the lot.

I think that there’s a strong contrast caused by the sun which is mostly out of the shot.

I like how there’s a few tracks heading off into the distance.

I also like the geometry and the lines in the photo.

I hope you enjoy.


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