Pond View

This shot was taken when I was last in Centennial Parklands.

It’s interesting that you can see where the light most affecting some of the things in this photo the most, but at the same time it’s mostly concentrated around the sun, leaving the sky as it usually is a fair bit.

I didn’t expect the processing to leave the small bird island so dark, but I think it works to an extent. I would have preferred more detail to come through, but this still looks somewhat relaxed and peaceful.

Sometimes I get really lucky with the sun and the sky.

I hope you enjoy.

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Missing Bus, Waiting People

What am I angry about today?

I don’t think that I’m angry about anything much at the moment.

Wait. There is something that I am angry about.

On Thursday night, whilst on my way home I had to wait for a bus.

This isn’t the thing that I am angry about.

When I got to the bus stop, there was about thirty people waiting for a bus that was late. There could have been more. I’m not sure. It was a really rough estimate.

Suffice it to say, there was a lot of people waiting for a bus that appeared to be late.

I was waiting for a bus that was coming in a few minutes.

A lot of people waiting for a bus is not necessarily something that is unusual. During peak how, this happens quite a lot. Usually there will be multiple buses over a brief period of time to make sure that people can get home as soon as possible. It does get annoying, but it is not in any way unusual.

What is unusual is a whole lot of people waiting for a bus that hasn’t shown up at 8:40 in the evening.

My bus came. It was seven minutes late.

It couldn’t take everyone. There were people there who may have been waiting for a while that then had to wait longer as the bus that they were waiting for never arrived. I heard someone talk about this with someone else.

I was lucky in that I was able to get on the bus, but I think it may have been better if I had waited. I’m not entirely sure.

I’m very much in support of the bus services of Sydney remaining in public hands rather than being given to a private contractor, regardless of the state government of New South Wales exerting a lot of control over how much autonomy the contractors would have.

However, I do think that, despite protests, if bus services are going to randomly disappear (something that was happening well before the announcement to have more bus services privatised), then, despite my issues with the state government looking to dump the problems that the bus services onto someone else rather than work toward resolving them, the current bus network employees are asking for trouble.

There are many things that can affect whether a bus runs or not. Buses not showing up at random times of the days still should not be something that can be considered as something that you can count on happening.

I think it’s a bit of a bad way to treat the customer base.

I wouldn’t say that being a bus driver is the cushiest job in the world. There’s probably a lot of stuff that they have to deal with that makes the job more stressful than it needs to be, and for that I respect them. With that being said, I do think that there is an obligation as a transit employee to make sure that a bus shows up instead of disappearing into thin air for no discernible reason.

Again, I support the idea of keeping the bus routes in public hands, but there needs to be more scrutiny.

I’m pretty sure that I’ve already made this clear, but buses not showing up being a regularity is not acceptable.

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Birth of a Concrete Log

Here we see the miracle of birth in all of its glory.

Behold, the mighty concrete log.

I was trying to highlight the massiveness of this building when I took this photo, which I’m not quite sure if I did, but I did end up with (what I think is) an interesting looking photo due to the angle of the shot and how that affects how the building is perceived.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy.

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Five-Hundred Word Challenge 239: In the Realm of Sydney

There is darkness in the realm of Sydney at the current moment.

Well, it might be morning later, but right now it is darkness.

Clouds drift on by in a silent stealth that is likely to be ignored as people look forward and down, but seldom up.

Across the sky, across the cityscape they move on toward a  destination that is not yet determined.

Birds move from tree to tree, from ground to air and anywhere else that they so choose to desire.

People move along their way to wherever they need to be. Some are heading home to relax, to be with family and to take it easy. Some are heading to jobs where they work in the evening, preferring to avoid the business, or perhaps due to the preference to be busy.

Maybe it has to do with getting the only work that they can work.

There may be others heading out for enjoyment, for relaxation, or for artistic pursuits that they find fulfilling.

Indeed, in the darkening hours the city can be as lively as it can be in the morning before many of those in the city head to their jobs in offices and other locations.

The park, whilst perhaps not in large amounts of use, seems as alive as it is most of the time.

The motion blurs into a mass of people almost indistinct, flowing like a river if not needing to stop at lights to be allowed to cross safely.

Traffic weaves in and out of itself, congealing and separating, pumping around the roads that are set out to guide the vehicles to their  various destinations.

It is dark. The city is light up and the stars are hidden from view by the lights and the clouds.

People make their way home not wondering where the stars have gone, nor why there are clouds drifting across the sky. They aren’t thinking  about where the sky has gone as they are tired, or thinking about other things that have occupied their mind.

Their sense of wonder is still there, albeit significantly muted. Far more muted than what it should be in many cases.

However, people are dreaming and many of them are dreaming big. Whilst they throb with the crowd around them on their commutes through the city and its arteries, they dare to dream big and outside of the crowd that is as part of them as it is detached from them.

Their dreams drift along with those of many others through the crowd and past the buildings, floating away together in one large amorphous mass, toward places where they may be realised.

It is dark outside. There are people moving on the way to their destinations. The clouds obscure the sky but not the buildings.

It is the city. The lights illuminate all that is around them and hide the sky.

People flow in and out of the city like a river, if the river needed to stop for brief, repeated periods.

The time it took to write five-hundred words: 07:17:90

I wrote this at work on Thursday evening.
I’m not sure as to whether this came naturally or not, but I do think it is one of my better pieces of writing.

Written at work.

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An Arch and the Sky

Here’s a shot of one of the Archs of Anzac Bridge with the sky.

I thought that this was more in focus than it turned out to be.

Oh well.

I like that, whilst this bridge is very familiar to me, due to the angle of the shot, there’s no real context for where the arch is located.

It could just be there, not attached to anything.

I like the way that the cables create sections for the sky to occupy, as well as how they spread out from the arch.

I hope you enjoy.

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Five-Hundred Word Challenge 238: The Epitome of Cool

There he was, walking down the street, exhibiting all the cool that the stature that he thought he had could afford for him, for cool was what he oozed in his designer jacket and designer shirt, his designer jeans and designer shoes and his ever-so-slick designer glasses framing the rest of his face as he did not exhibit a smile on his smooth, powerful strut that seemed to indicate that he was worthy of awe and respect, such was the power of the coolness that was pouring from all of his pores and the fibres of his body.

Not looking at anyone in particular, giving the impression that he had other, bigger things to worry about than the people around him, he continued on with a dedication usually reserved for the walks that action heroes of the eighties would exhibit in a slower motion when they made an entrance so that you’d know that they meant business.

He was a man on the mission, or at least the impression was that he was a man on a mission and no one would stop the way that he moved along the pathway.

He knew how to portray himself to look above the rest and he knew how to make his way around the crowd. People would take notice of him and not suspect him for being anything other than a bad-ass.

He had the right body mass and the right sense of style. His jawline was rigid and prominent, yet smooth and supple in a way that seemed only reserved for those that no-one could touch and in this instance, this man was untouchable.

The breeze was light and the clothes that he had sat on the body that he had worked so hard to craft and sculpt. His figure was not emphasized, but also not hidden away. His posture gave the impression that he was a fine example of how to carry oneself.

His words were reserved to carry an air of superiority without revealing his hand. The language he chose was usually brief, sometimes lofty and sometimes blunt, always spoken with a coolness that left people with the impression that he was the ace, yet never so much that there was a wall between him and the others that he would be conversing with, for he wanted to make sure that the way he was perceived was that of someone who was the epitome of cool, but without outright stating the fact that he saw in himself.

Everywhere he went, he was the most smooth and nobody could reach just how much of a cool, smooth bad-ass that he was.

He was the epitome of cool.

Indeed, he had worked hard to cultivate the image that he had to ensure that everyone that was around him had known.

It was a pity then that the image that he had cultivated was not his, but the one that fit best into the society that he so desperately wanted approval from.

The time it took to write five-hundred words: 09:42:88

Not sure as to what I was going for with this.

It started off as something and then I went for something else, which I’m not going to bother explaining as that would be treating everyone like an idiot.

Written at UNSW.

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Five-Hundred Word Challenge 237: Not Sure where I was Going with this One.

It’s a nice cool change that’s coming over Sydney at the moment.

That’s what I think in this given moment,which is as of this writing which is at work, although you will be reading this when I am not at work because I’m writing this in advance for some reason.

I’m not sure why.

Wait. Yes, I am.

Anyway, I think in this moment that i’s a nice cool change, but the reality is that it might not be, although it could be.

I can smell the coffee of a mixed blend of beans in a giant tin can.

Wait. A mix of various coffee beans taken from a giant tin can (in a ground up form), then mixed with hot water and some milk to make a coffee that may be bitter and nasty, yet powerful enough to keep one awake for as long as they need to, assuming that their addiction to the glorious substance known as caffeine isn’t so severe that this is their first of many coffees for the day due to their need to stay awake and feed their habit at the same time, which would not be a great position to be in as if you have a caffeine addition that is that severe, you might want to look at reducing it as soon as possible as you might be doing a fair bit of grievous harm to the function of your  body, especially if your coffee intake is greater than seven coffees over a five hour period, in which case you should probably quit as soon as you can as your mind might explode from caffeine overdose.

At the time of this writing, I am trying to relax myself as I sat an exam this morning and want to be a bit calmer. With that being said, I don’t know what I am talking about as I’m actually feeling pretty calm in this given moment.

However, I am glad to be at work as I kind of need the intensity that my job can provide to switch my mind to another mode that is off studying, even if it is only a temporary, fleeting switch.

I want to be engulfed by the deluge of calls so that I can then have my focus entirely on that instead of thinking about passing the next exam and what I need to do in order to get the best mark that I possibly can achieve.

Well, I think that right now but in reality it will get to call the second and I will be ready for it to slow right down so I can relax and be lazy.

Well, maybe. I think that I’d much rather not feel that way and continue to power on into the evening so that way I get home and I feel as tired as I possibly can.

Well, that is indeed the dream in which I am dreaming of. I might just be busy and go home feeling awake.

The time it took to write five-hundred words: 05:59:22

Pretty happy with the speed.
Very happy with the speed.

Need to fuse the speed with stuff worth reading.

Written at work.

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