Borrowdale Heads to Circular Quay

This is one of the first photos I took with the new camera.

I was still working out how to use the camera (still am) and I wasn’t overly fond of this photo after I processed it, but I think I’ve warmed up to it at least a little bit.

Everything around the ferry seems so blue in comparison to the ferry itself, but I guess that has a lot to do with there being a lot of water and sky in the photo.

I think that the muted colours work well here as they allow for a softer appearance without overwhelming the photo.

I hope you enjoy.

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Five-Hundred Word Challenge 427: Last Words From The Attic

As far as I’m aware, I’m not one to get sentimental, so that’s something that’s not going to change despite this being titled something that may imply some sort of sentimentality, I think.

I’m sitting here. There’s a window to the left of me. It is the only window up here, but it lets in a good amount of light.

I’ve been sleeping on a fairly thin mattress for the past few weeks and I’ve been sleeping fairly well, despite my attempts to ruin that by being too lazy to go to sleep at a regular hour most of the time.

I’ve been up and down a ladder quite a bit and today that all changes, for I am off to my next temporary residence.

I didn’t get as much done here as I would have liked, but I do feel as though I was still able to progress a few things farther than had I not ended up here.

It’s been comfortable, yet not comfortable at the same time.
I’ve been able to scratch certain itches whilst still pursuing them and their refusal to be scratched.

So I’m sitting here now, banging this out before I head off to breakfast which my partner and her family and I don’t know of what I can say.

It seems that I had what I thought may have made for a good idea and now I’m kind of lost for words and expressing that being lost for words instead of expanding on the idea.

I know that I’ll once more miss my friends, for the time we’ve had has been good, but as always, there’s never enough time.

Maybe I could reflect on who I’ve become over the past few weeks, although to be honest there’s little observable change.

Maybe there was reversible change.

Who knows?

So I’m sitting here, typing away, enjoying this room as much as I can before I head off, which will in turn lead to coming back later to pack everything up and head off to the next place and I don’t feel like going anywhere at all.

I’m feeling cozier than I should.

Still, this is a thing that must be done and so long as I can still keep working on things and doing things that I want to do, I’m going to be okay.

There are worse things in the world and in a way I have to consider myself lucky that I’ve got a roof over my head.

Well, I guess that’s probably where this should end. I won’t miss The Attic, but I will miss the time I’ve had in this house. It’s been a fairly enjoyable experience despite the stress of university trying to rear its head at all times.

From here, there is next and one must look toward the future in order to step forward, blah blah blah.

Well, I guess I should wrap this up with a few words on something, but I don’t know what to say.

The time it took to write five-hundred words: 07:30:67

I was thinking that this would be better and it came out a bit dramatic.

Oh well.

Written in The Attic.

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A Good Scratch

Behold, the emden goose scratching itself!

It must’ve had an itch that needed servicing posthaste.
Perhaps it was to remove some sort of creature that was a nuisance.

As with most of the bird photos I share, I like the form of the goose.
It looks a little odd in this photo, but that probably has to do with not seeing a goose scratch itself prior to this photo.

I do like that due to the angle of the goose, it looks like it’s smiling.

I hope you enjoy.

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Five-Hundred Word Challenge 426: Action to Take

Well, there are plenty of times in which I could choose to boost my own ego, but then again when there are warming up races there are other things to worry about.

Why am I wasting my break on this?

I do not know. Maybe it’s out of some sort of obligation that I’ve somehow ingrained into myself that I can now not get past.

The music is too loud, but that is my own fault. I should turn it down in order to protect my hearing. However, there are trees that are fast approaching and a mood needs to be set that will match my focus, lest the focus becomes matches that match my focus.

If it’s all out of sight, then I can pretend, but if there is sound that is steadily growing louder and louder, then that is something that may be evidence that provides a sense of knowing, and therefore he pressure is on to make sure that is is completed before I can move onto other tasks.

However, the birds are chirping and swiping at the keys and therefore they are trying to prevent me from reaching the end.

One hand must swipe at them in order to protect my fingers whilst the other hand has to do double the work in order to get to where I want to get.

There are sounds melding into sounds and trying to overwrite other sounds as I stay locked into what is directly in front of me. It all blends together and the marching grows louder as something approaches, but the mood is set by the strength of the music and there is no stopping me so long as I push onto something else.

The wall in front of me is present. I stand up and grab into it and tear it apart from itself to then reveal something that was not there.

I need to step forward and out of this building and see the ocean in front of me as it movers and yet remains as motionless as something that is motionless.

The thoughts that I was carrying are leading to something else as they turn inward and push outward into the thoughts that are leading to somewhere away from the trees that are fast approaching, and the birds are finally relenting, yet I do not notice for the there is such a massive body of liquid in front of me that I cannot break my focus from what it is that I am bearing witness to due to its massive size and its reminding me of how insignificantly small I am in the entirety of the universe.

I can no longer hear the marching and the birds are no longer there, but the sounds have blended together and have become some sort of cohesive drone.

I know not what to do but what action to take is clear to me. There is still focus on something else, out there that’s a little beyond myself.

The time it took to write five-hundred words: 05:33:49

This is a bit scattered. The flow is okay, but it’s lacking consistency.
It’s also a bit flat.

Written at work.

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Not There for the View

So here’s a photo of some people looking out and some people looking at their phones.

Perhaps they just wanted more relaxing scenery rather than something out there that reminds us of how small we are and how lucky we are to have such wonder in reach.

I think its a nice contrast. Perhaps it says something about how people don’t find something so amazing interesting anymore as it’s not on their phone, or something.

Who knows?

Anyway, I hope you enjoy.

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Lack The Low: One Eye Closed Review

This review can be read on Cool Try.
I recommend reading the other stuff that people are putting up there if you read this here.

Anyway, here’s the review.


Lack The Low is an artist from Melbourne. With a merry cohort of guests helping out in parts, a work by the name of One Eye Closed has been created that stands as a collected recording of songs for the bones in your ears to translate into something that can be perceived as audible and possibly in a most pleasing manner, or not.

Opening the album is “Do Your Worst”. The vocals carry well and the song overall is soft, gentle and strong, working well to introduce the shape and sounds of the album whilst being more than just an introduction. One Eye Closed embraces texture and atmosphere, so having “Do Your Worst” open as gently as it does work well in the album’s favour.

Throughout the album sounds are layered, usually expansive, atmospheric and warm. There seems to have been a lean toward the more ambient use of sound rather than the direct, but overall the album doesn’t feel like background music.

Percussion is present on a few of the songs but it is seldom for traditional use. There’s a nice balance between more direct sounds and something more akin to atmospheric purpose, but the sound of each hit seems to be emphasised over being the backbone of the rhythm. However, the percussion does still do well toward providing structure on the songs it is utilised.

The vocals have a really rich, creamy sound that further supports the songs as additional melody despite sounding a fair bit at the forefront. Sometimes they are layered which adds a bit of depth, not once is there a hint of faltering during delivery. The louder, more emphasized notes come just as easily as the softer, more retracted ones whilst all sounding natural and passionate.

At times there’s restraint by omitting vocals for lengthy periods, allowing a lot more focus to shift toward the melodies and the sounds of which they are compromised. These moments work well as it allows more interplay in the songs whilst also allowing for more textural development to come forward.

The lyrics work well in both the context of the songs and the vocals themselves. They seem to be a mix of straightforward and more poetic and blend smoothly into each moment they’re used. Lines such as “Time is measured by a circle on a wall”, and “Don’t you think it’s time that you stopped living in my solitude?” are direct and simple, yet manage to express a lot more and develop a stronger image than if the said line was said with a greater amount of prose.

The closing track “God Knows Why” is just as strong as the rest of the album, but it bears mentioning due to how well it works. The song embraces the elements that the rest of One Eye Closed are comprised of whilst also progressing toward something else. It remains as expansive, atmospheric and gentle as the rest of the album whilst also embracing a more direct framework, working its way toward a climactic ending that does well to close the whole experience.

At its heart, One Eye Closed is not a conventional record and this works in its favour.
It is not the most lyrically upbeat album you’d come across, but it doesn’t feel cynical or downtrodden. There seems to be a lean toward optimism whilst lacking the cheese that that can entail. On top of that, there’s restraint where appropriate and the whole thing flows really well. The whole record is comprised of expansive sounds and textures that come together naturally, and the vocals, whilst prominent don’t come off as the sole focus. Lack The Low underplayed songs that could have so easily slipped into bombast and it paid off.

One Eye Closed might not be everyone’s cherry, but it offers plenty to those who give it the time.

One Eye Closed can be heard here.

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Bondi Beach in the Shade

Well, it’s Bondi Beach mostly covered by shade due to it being the afternoon.

I think that in this instance the view here is nice, but that mostly has to do with the different groups of people as well as the varying textures.

I do like that the people in this photo look almost like shadows.

There’s a few lines here that, in a loose sense make the area appear “Twisted“.
This might also have to do with the curvature of the beach, as it does kind of twist.

This is my submission into The Daily Post‘s photo challenge for this week.

I hope you enjoy.

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