Last Light of Sunset Over Redfern

Here’s a shot of… the last light of sunset over Redfern.

This moment was kind of “Evanescent“. Of the whole day, it takes up such a small amount of time.

I like how it contrasts with the darkness across the suburb.

I also like the various windows lit up in the area.

This is my submission into The Daily Post‘s photo challenge for this week.

I hope you enjoy.

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Anzac Bridge on an Overcast Day

Here’s a shot that I took whilst walking through Jubilee Park.

I think that the reflection, as well as the subtle details of the clouds adds more to the photo.
The clouds in particular as they seem to make the bridge appear more prominent.

This is my submission into Leanne Cole‘s Monochrome Madness for this week.
I recommend that you check out what other people are submitting and perhaps consider submitting something yourself.
I also recommend checking out Leanne Cole’s other work.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy.

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Five-Hundred Word Challenge 218: Group Assignment Completed

The assignment was completed.

It took more hours than we had anticipated and the work could have been significantly better than what the end result was, but we managed to complete it and get it submitted on time.

There was probably some sense of relief mixed with a desire to get home as soon as possible and get to sleep as we had commenced the finishing of the assignment around midday on Monday and had finished around 2:20 Tuesday morning.

When our group was making our way to the car of the one person in our group that drove, we were forced to stop and turn around due to a gate being locked.

It added an extra ten minutes to the journey, and considering that we had been working for far too long at that point (with the other two in the group working on significantly less sleep than I had as they had other assignments due at the same time that also took longer to finish than expected), it felt like far longer.

I ended up crashing a little closer to university rather than going the whole way home as I didn’t want to have my colleague drive me the whole way home.

I slept for about four or five hours, woke up, forced myself up, had breakfast, a shower, then went back to university to keep on working on the assignment.

We did manage to hand it in on time, but there was still work that needed to be completed and submitted, as there were two parts that required submitting.

Afterward I managed to make my way to work, then home after work, then stayed up until it was time for sleep and slept through my alarm this morning.

I feel quite rested.

I don’t think I’ve ever spent that much time working on an assignment. We didn’t go in unprepared and had most of our work done before we went in on Monday afternoon. We did encounter a few problems, mostly with getting results and files corrupting. There was also problems with getting commands to work. It was a fun time.

We probably should have gotten more done when we had more time as well, but that’s another problem and not something I can be bothered with getting into right now.

The main thing is that it is done and now I can focus on other assignments that are due very soon, as is the way of things when you are in pursuit of the academic life.

More importantly, I am able to spend time at home in my underpants and not worry about whether people can see me stressing over something as I’m allowed to be my own lounge lizard now.

Or so I would hope.

I don’t know what kind of mark our group will get for our assignment. I hope it is better than a pass, but that is all I hope. I think that, in this instance, it is better to have reasonable expectations.

The time it took to write five-hundred words: 07:51:00

One of the more sensible bits of text that I’ve written in recent times.

Huzzah, and so on.

Written at university.

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Tall Buildings Among the Sydney Cityscape

Here’s a shot of a few tall buildings.

I like the colour of the sunset, as well as the band of clouds.

What I really like is how (to me) this sort of feels ominous and menacing in a way, as well as somewhat small and not menacing and ominous at all.

I hope you enjoy.

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Redfern at Night

Here’s a shot that I took on Saturday night.

I think that it gives a good idea of how vast an area can be, which is something that is not always apparent when you are on the ground.

I like the cloud coverage as it has a great pattern to it, which only adds to the photo.

I hope you enjoy.

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Five-Hundred Word Challenge 217: Writing Exercise

Right now I’m just writing to warm up, as I need to get everything silly out of me now so I can focus on the final bit of this group assignment: A war of attrition as I fight my desire to destroy everything related to this assignment using my desire to finish the assignment and sleep for about fifteen years.

Well, it is nearly done. My group has done well. Better than me, I would dare suggest. I would dare suggest it as we would not be as far as we are now if it hadn’t been for the there two people. Me? I’ve mostly done the writing. I’ve fixed a few models, which was useful to some extent, but I’ve mostly been useless. All I do is take information and translate it so that it can be understood.

To be fair, that is fairly useful, but I’ve done the least of the heavy lifting.

I do know that I could really go for a hard drink right now.

Actually I could go for some focus, hard work and satisfying victory, but this is not satisfying. It is necessary and nothing in the history of ever has been satisfying if it has been required.

That is a true statement, despite the overwhelming evidence to suggest otherwise.

So here I am, at university, typing away about stuff, even though this is just an exercise to get my hands feeling nimble, whilst also getting out all the silly stuff so I can make sure that I can get the last of the writing done without getting too sidetracked.

In a way, this is procrastination, but at least I’m getting it all out  of the way now rather than later, stumbling about doing nothing whilst the others in my group get angry at me because I’ve hit the wall hard.

This is, of course something that I will not do now, and if it does somehow happen, I at least have two other people here with me that can help me out.

It really does feel like the final stretch of the whole damn thing and I really hope that we don’t have to work on it any further than over the next few hours.

I hope that we make it as good as it possibly can be and that we get good marks.

Mostly, I hope that it is honest and well-written and that we can be satisfied with the result.

At least then there’s a lot less to worry about for other subjects once this is submitted. I’ll be able to rest for a few hours before getting started on other things that need to be completed.

Until then, stuff will happen. There will be drama, rest, work, more work, rest, drama, yelling, hugging, food, stuff, work, rest, working, work, stress, rest, stuff, something, and something else.

Not necessarily in that order, but then again, perhaps it will be.

Well, time for more work.

The time it took to write five-hundred words: 06:56:83

Well, now I feel a bit more relaxed and nimble in my hands.

I’m surprised as to how much sense this makes as I wasn’t aiming for anything in particular.

Written at University.

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Waiting to Bloom

Or perhaps it is waiting to finish growing.

This was taken very shortly before the photo of the sunset at Iron Cove.

There’s a lot of potential in this lily.

I hope you enjoy.

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