Lighthouse With a View

Another field trip shot.

This was taken at Sugarloaf Point. The photo features a small part of Sugarloaf Point Lighthouse, as well as some vegetation, geology, ocean and cloud cover.

There’s a strong contrast between some of the features, but I think it works as it gives a better sense of layering.

I think that the colours are balanced nicely, and I think that the scene gives an idea of how massive the view feels without necessarily stating it.

This is my submission into Leanne Cole‘s photo challenge for this week.

The theme for this one is “The Letter H”.

I’ve included this one due to it featuring a house, light.

I suggest checking out Leanne’s photography, as well as checking out what other people submit into the challenge.

You can find the challenges here.

I hope you enjoy.


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Five-Hundred Word Challenge 548: Dust in the Air

Small bits of dust hanging in the air and remain invisible until they pas through the light shining through the window and onto my face.

Well, that’s what I’d like to believe. It seems that in this house they choose to remain invisible until they reach a surface that they want to cling onto, such as the computer screen of the computer on which I am on and using in order to convert my words into a visible format so that your eyes can process the signals into something visual for you to be able to comprehend and understand that which I am trying to get across, whatever that may be.

There is a bit of dust and it will be very easily removed at a predetermined period of time in the future. Of course, the space between this time being predetermined and the time of which the act of cleaning the screen shall be carried out is a very small distance. One might say that it is a distance that does not matter as it’ll likely happen pretty quickly after the fact.

But for now the dust shall inhabit the location of its desire.

Now I can see some floating about. It’s not nearly as much as I’ve seen in other places in which I have lived, but I guess it’s a substantial amount… kind of.

It’s not really much at all, now that I think about it. This does not feel as though I’m in a world of dust.

Even though there will need to be some dusting later on, the dust does seem a little interesting to watch floating about. It seems to follow some sort of flow, but at the same time so much of it seems to be going in different directions.

It’s relaxing in a way. The flow is slow and gentle and the dust seems to smoothly meander about.

Well, some of it anyway. Some of it seems to move a fair bit faster than the rest.

Eventually it will settle somewhere and it will be removed, only for more dust to take the empty space, and so on and so forth ad infinitum. You get the idea.

The light is warm and not as bright as it seems to usually be. This is, as far as I’m concerned, a good thing. At least for now.

This is due to it being a time to relax at the moment. Now is not the time for moving about to get as much done as possible before the inevitable head to work. Now is the time to take it easy and watch the dust move through the air. Now is the time to relax and sit back and take it as easy as one can before they get ready to take on the rest of the day.

Now is the time to be calm and lazy, but I’m not feeling like being lazy.

It takes a lot of work to be lazy. I’d rather not.

The time it took to write five-hundred words: 07:19:41

I’m feeling pretty relaxed. As such, this should reflect that feeling of being relaxed.

Written at home.

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Cataract Dam

What I like about this shot is how out of place the dam appears to be.

From the angle of the shot it appears as though its end is rather sudden no matter which way you go.

The photo gives a good idea of the massiveness of the dam, but I’m fairly certain that there are far larger ones out there.

The dam is at a massive contrast to the area around it. You’ve some dense vegetation which is almost violently cut into by this massive, dirty thing.

I hope you enjoy.

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Five-Hundred Word Challenge 547: A Pen

A pen sits out in the open, ready for the taking, yet no one dares approach it, for whoever movers first will trigger everyone else.

No one dares move as no one wants to deal with the rush toward the pen.

No one looks at each other, but they can feel each other’s presence. They can feel the tension and the desire to get there without having to deal with the actions of anyone else around them.

They can feel the anticipation. They feel as though a moment to push on forward and hopefully catch everyone else off guard, thus getting to the pen with no difficulty, is approaching fast.

Yet, no one moves for no one wants to have to deal with everyone else who is after this item of writing.

No one moves for there will be a fight. No one moves for no one wants anyone else to have the pen. They want it for themselves and the only way – in their minds at least – to ensure that they don’t have to fight over something that seems so minor is to not go for it. One person moving is all that is needed to set everyone off. No one moves. Breathing even seems invisible in a way.

And yet, someone will have to move soon. Someone will need to turn away and walk from the situation. Eventually someone will have to give up, and that is what all the willing participants hope for. They all hope that one person will give up and walk away, so that whilst everyone else is distracted they can go and get the pen.

It is a simple, yet cunning plan. Biding their time will mean that surely, at some point they will get hold of what it is that they want.

And so they all wait. Like stone they wait and bide their time. They wait for the smallest of hints in order to prepare. They do not sweat, for the moment one of them does is the moment that everyone else will make their strike. They continue to wait and refuse to give the smallest of hints. They stay motionless as the minutes slowly trickle away.

No one gives up. No one turns away and gets away from the scene. No one rejects the pen. They all wait and wait. They all refuse to back off.

The pen remains sitting there, motionless and tempting all the same. Little around it changes. It remains distinct from the surface on which it rests. It stands out and changes the surface texture by its own existence.

They keep on waiting. Motionless, still. Very soon the best moment to make their move will reveal itself. Eyes remain locked on the pen. Focus remains strong.

And slowly, the moment to strike is revealed. Someone moves ever-so-slightly. Someone else begins to sweat.

Someone walks along and, seeing the pen and not noticing the people, takes the pen, for they’ll need it to sign documents soon enough.

The time it took to write five-hundred words: 08:59:11

This was pretty fun to write.
It’s a ridiculous situation that has far too much waffling on.
I think I was trying to get the feeling of tension across rather than just in written form.

Let me know if I was successful.

Written at UNSW.

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Waves Thrashing at the Coastline

This was taken during the road trip I went on last month.

The waves were powerful and thrashed at this bit of coastline.
It was a dangerous and beautiful scene in equal measures.

I think that the shot gives a really good idea of the heave and power of the waves.

The amount of light in the area is fairly low due to the sun setting and I think that contrasts the wave action pretty nicely. The lighting is soft, but the waves are not.

I also think that the stillness of the land works well as a contrast here as there’s a kind of “largeness” to both the land and the water. The land has some large geological features that stick out well, whereas the water has a largeness in power.

I hope you enjoy.

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Five-Hundred Word Challenge 546: Body stuff, Climate Data

Coughing and hacking my way across the land this morning.

In the place known as university. Sitting here to work on an assignment and slowly dig my way out of the mess that I have created for myself.

It is a lofty goal, as they say.

Well, it’s not, but I’ve got to do something at this stage. Besides which, I am sitting here and thinking of the ways in which I can express in an interesting manner as to how my body seems to be heating up and feels like it is secreting sweat on thew curvature of my back, but when I check, my back is as dry as it was when I left the house this morning.

I’m trying to think of an interesting way to express as to how my arms are hairy in the sense that they have hair on them, but the hair is is is not thick in appearance and has a fair bit of space, unlike the thickness of the hair on my head.

I’m trying to think of an interesting way to express how my pinky fingers stretch out and away from my hand when I type, almost as though they are ready to press a key whenever the need arises, yet they shall never have the opportunity; at least, not until I am ready to incorporate them into my typing.

There is little interesting about the way the light shines off the non-smooth surface of the keys that I am striking. the light seems to be shattered and scattered in a sense, but that is likely due to the way that my vision is processing the reflection of the light off this non-smooth surface.

Looking at climate data. This time it is the correct climate data. Been looking at the incorrect stuff without realising. For a few weeks.

Well, “looking” is probably not the correct term to use in this case as there was no way for me to get what I had to appear as an image. If it had appeared as an image, then I would have had an Australia with an interesting appearance.

That’s probably the best way that I can put it. It’s a bit more interesting than describing how the skin on my knuckles seems to change in appearance when compared to the skin around it. Deeper creases, yet smoother to the touch.

And of course that is different to the skin on my friction ridges.

The skin doesn’t feel so much as rough as… why am I even going into this?

Starts off with hair, goes elsewhere.

Don’t even know as to what I should do from this point on. Guess I should just stick my neck out and hope for the best, lest some sort of event happens. Where do I even go to stick my neck out?

What am I even crapping on about at this stage?

Bleck. This thing has fallen apart. It had  much potential, but now I’m outta here.

The time it took to write five-hundred words: 07:15:52

Not well enough for this right now.

Well, actually I am. Just need to do the knuckling of the down and getting to the stuff, or something.

Written at UNSW.


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Fog Consumes the Horizon

Here’s a photo taken from Jamberoo Lookout.

I think that almost immediately you get a good sense of distance and depth in the photo, which has a lot to do with the closeness of the terrain.

The fog in the distance makes the area feel like it’s kind of enclosed.

I like that the fog completely obscures the horizon. It just isn’t there and it almost seems like something that doesn’t exist.

This is my submission into The Lens-Artists Photo Challenge.

The theme this week is “Delicious“.

There was a short period of time where I was doing some food photography. That was some time last year and I’ve moved the photos to a hard drive since taking them.

I think that this photo is kind of delicious in a way. Kind of.

It’s not detail-heavy. Nor is it vibrant, but it does kind of provide a feast for the eyes.

The challenge is hosted by four people and cycles weekly:

Week 1 – Patti

Week 2 – Ann-Christine aka Leya

Week 3 – Amy

Week 4 – Tina

This week is hosted by Patti and next week’s will be hosted by Laya.

I hope you enjoy.

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